WOMBAT Selling: How to Sell by Word of Mouth

A good, satisfied customer is referred to as a "WOMBAT." This individual can replicate the success of another person. The concept of "WOMBAT Selling" is a sales and marketing strategy that uses a customer-focused approach. It eliminates the myth that salespeople merely close sales.

For decades now, salespeople have been told by their managers to close sales. However, this strategy has done more damage to the profession than anything else. It is very important that salespeople are good at creating effective WOMBATs.

Image showing the softcover for WOMBAT Selling: How to Sell by Word of Mouth

The concept of "WOMBAT Selling" is a scientific and logical sales and marketing strategy that can help salespeople increase their profitability and empower their sales force.

In his book, Michael Hewitt-Gleeson argues that the conventional wisdom about selling is based on an unsupportable belief that the sales professional is solely responsible for the success of the sales process. He also states that failure can be caused by the actions of the salesman.

This approach has led to a high turnover of staff and bad reputation in the sales industry. While scientific and medical research has moved toward an evidence-based approach, sales has no scientific basis. We buy cars because they are designed by engineers who have rigorous training. On the other hand, salespeople whose training is manipulative and emotive are hired to sell cars.

In his book, Michael explains a scientific and practical approach to selling that eliminates the pressure from the process and makes it a positive experience for everyone involved.

The concept of "Wombat Selling" is a pragmatic new approach to selling that focuses on the fundamentals of the sales process. It eliminates the use of Chinese "guanxi" and other fancy gestures and instead focuses on the people's readiness to say "yes." The sales community has been missing the mark for a long time because of the lack of knowledge about the concepts.

Although this book was not for everyone, it got me thinking about sales and how it can be improved. After the last page, I felt that Michael had finally broken the stereotype of the sleezy salesman.

The book breaks the traditional mindset of the "ABCs" (Always be closing) by providing a humorous and practical approach to selling. It is an easy read and even better if you have the opportunity to meet the author in person.

Over the course of his career, Michael has been a pioneer in the sales and marketing industry. He has provided numerous sales and marketing strategies that can help improve the profitability of his clients. In his new book, Michael also provides a clear and practical approach to increasing customer satisfaction.

Contrary to popular belief, the only person who can close a sale is the customer. This is a revolutionary insight that has allowed new businesses to outperform their old counterparts. It has allowed customers to prefer new products and services over old ones.

The W.O.M.B.A.T. strategy is a proven sales and marketing method that allows companies to increase the value of their customers by replicating and enhancing the effects of their previous sales. This is happening in the online world where businesses are thriving at the speed of light.

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