Closing Techniques

Unconventional sales closing techniques that close more deals

Not every sale—or every close—is the same. 

But if you’re relying on the same bag of tricks with every client, you’re probably missing out on some big possibilities. 

Instead, think outside of the typical sales box with a few unique techniques for closing the sale.

For starters, you can never personalize too much, so the more you learn about your clients—interests, groups, for example—the better able you can match their needs to your product or service. 

And in the age of technology, we can end up relying too much on email; a face-to-face can be an unexpected way to reinforce a client’s importance to you.

Want more ideas to boost your sales prospects?

Check out the tips in the graphic that follows.

Unconventional Sales Tactics That Will Close More Deals

In the infographic below, you're going to look at 6 unconventional sales tactics that you can use to close more deals. 

You'll find that these tactics make use of Social Media like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Blog. 

You probably are very familiar with these social media and if you are, you can now fine-tune your competency to a more serious (perhaps fun too!) task - closing the sales.

You'll discover how to:

  • Use LinkedIn to learn more about your prospects
  • Target prospects with Ads from LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Use RSS to stay updated on essential blogs.
  • And more...

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It is crucial for salespeople to understand the type of close, how to use it, and when. 

The most important concept that they need to understand also is that there is no guarantee whatsoever that using these techniques ended up in sales closing. 

We very much like to think it that way, but that never really happens. 

So far, there's no mathematical equation to show that using assumptive close, for example, brings a salesperson 60% closer to closing the deal. 

I like to repeat this time and time, "We are free to control our actions, but we're not free to control the consequences." 

There are more than just face to face interaction that contributes to the close. 

And many of these factors are beyond our control.

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