Beginners Guide To Sales

This is your own beginners' guide to sales. Within this guide, you're going to look at:

  • 10 tips to kick-start your sales skills
  • Identify each skill during your practice and actual sales call
  • Talk about the features and benefits of the product you're promoting

Sales beginners guide

A Beginner's Guide To Modern Sales

There are 9 tips for skills that a beginner to sale need to consider in this modern age

Here they are and a list of what entails within specific skill:

1. Prepare for the sales call

Within this sales skill, you should be able to:

i) Gather information
ii) Plan for a sales call

2. Call opening

You only have a few minutes, probably less these days, to make an impactful opening when you make a sales call. 

You want to acquire this skill to optimize your time on the field.

3. Product presentation

You know how it used to be with the show and tell when selling. 

In this modern era, you need to do at least 2 things smoothly whenever you get the chance, and they are:

  • Deliver benefit statements
  • Add more features with their essential benefits.

4. Prove sales message

When you sell a product or service, each one carries its own keywords, and it is essential for beginners to sale to be guided on how to do it effectively using tools like:

  • Reprints - brochures, leave-behind materials, etc.
  • Other visual aids

5. Checking for buy-in

You need to be able to tell when your prospects are ready for the next stage of selling. 

The way you can do this is through:

  • Looking at your chances verbal and nonverbal signs
  • Probing them for more info
  • Moving towards getting their commitment

6. Handling objection

You know that this is unavoidable. 

You might have heard different names given to this skill for example 'addressing prospects' concerns.'

Once you know what to do, you could be looking forward to every opportunity to exercise this skill during your sales call.

7. Gaining commitment

There's another name for this sales skill that you are more familiar with and that is 'closing sales.' 

This is often the most crucial skill that beginners to sell want to focus on or instead asked to focus on.

8. Bridging to Other Products

These days, you often asked to promote more than one product or service. 

You need to get all the tips you can to guide you to be successful in your sales job regardless if you promote single or multiple products.

9. Following up

You often find yourself not able to gain your prospect's commitment within the first sales call. 

That could be due to a longer sales cycle and a more complex buying cycle which is often the case in today's sales jobs.

And here's the 10th tips for completing your overall tips to kick-start your sales skills:

Get started!

You can choose to start one skill at a time, or you can practice all skills and make a small improvement to each of them daily, weekly, or monthly. It's all up to you because this is your very own beginner's guide to sales.