Turning Work Trips into Budget Malaysian Family Adventures: Guide for A Salesperson

A family of a father (salesperson), wife and three kids are on an adventure cum working trip

If you’re a salesperson in Malaysia and your work involve traveling around, you want to mark your calendars right now. With Malaysian school holidays in full swing (except for those heroic SPM candidates, of course), it's the perfect time to consider a unique twist on your work trip.

What if, instead of just business as usual, you transformed your travels into unforgettable family adventures?

With a bit of planning and these budget-savvy tips, you can create lasting memories for you and your loved ones without compromising your professional commitments.

So, pack your bags, grab your curious crew, and get ready to experience Malaysia (or at least some parts of it) like never before.

From Pills to Probes: Why Selling Medical Devices Might Be Tougher Than You Think

A group of lab technicians working with their medical devices

Remember those tips I shared about making your medical sales devices training more productive? Hopefully, they've helped you navigate the multi-layered world of medical devices.

But today, I want to talk about this industry from a different angle. One that might surprise you: selling medical devices can be tougher than selling drugs.

Now, this is based on my personal experience, and things might vary depending on your specific role and company.

But just hear me out for a second…

Having jumped from the pharmaceutical side to medical devices once upon a time ago, I've noticed some key differences that make this field a bit more demanding.

How to Land a Job in Pharmaceutical Sales for 2024 and Beyond

So, you've got your sights set on the pharmaceutical sales world for 2024, huh?

It might be your smartest choice ever but don’t throw in the party yet. No doubt that this is a sector where you can really make a mark, not just in terms of a solid career but also in making a difference in people's lives.

(Why choose pharma sales job? Here’s my thought).

But let's not sugarcoat it. Breaking into pharma sales is like trying to get backstage at a sold-out concert (think Cold Play for Malaysians). Tough, but very rewarding once you're in.

I'm wearing my Hiring Manager hat for this post, to give you the lowdown on how to not just knock on the industry's door but kick it wide open.

Without further ado, let's dive in, shall we?

Unlocking Pharma Sales Success: Is NAPSRx's CNPR Certification Your Golden Key?

A group of would be pharma rep with their NAPSRx cert

NAPSRx stands for the National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives®, and it's basically a cool club for folks who want to rock the pharmaceutical sales world.

They offer this certification called CNPR, short for Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative, which is like a golden ticket if you're new to the scene or looking to step up your game in pharma sales.

The CNPR program covers all the juicy bits you need to know to thrive in the biz, from understanding the rules and regs of drug sales, getting down the medical lingo, to knowing your drug classes and how to sell them like a boss.

It's a way to show potential bosses that you've got the smarts and skills to talk shop with healthcare pros and get those drugs moving.

Now, some pharmaceutical companies are all about the CNPR certification. They see it as a big plus when they're hunting for new talent.

But, just like in life, different strokes for different folks—some might be more into your sales mojo or other creds you bring to the table.

If you're eyeing that CNPR certification, do a little homework first. Make sure it's going to help you hit your career goals and that the companies you're into actually dig it.

Ang Pow Awkwardness? Conquer CNY Gift-Giving with These Genius Tips

Chinese New Year (CNY) festive gift is a good sales strategy with reasons.

Giving out festive gifts like those for Chinese New Year can be a very effective sales strategy, and here are some reasons why:


Building relationships and goodwill:

  • Demonstrates appreciation: A well-chosen gift shows your customers you value their business and are grateful for their support. This strengthens existing relationships and fosters positive feelings towards your brand.
  • Personalizes interactions: If you go beyond generic gifts and tailor them to individual customers' preferences, it shows you care about them as people, not just sales figures. This personal touch builds trust and strengthens the connection.
  • Creates positive associations: Linking your brand with the festive spirit and good luck associated with Chinese New Year can leave a lasting positive impression in customers' minds.

CNPR Certification Reviews - Cracking the Code to Pharmaceutical Sales Success

A group of pharma sales reps just receiving their cert from CNPR

Craving a career in the lucrative world of pharmaceutical sales? Ever heard of the CNPR certification, the industry's golden ticket to success?

Maybe you're a driven newbie seeking your first foot in the door, or perhaps a seasoned professional aiming to climb the career ladder. Whatever your goals, the CNPR, or Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative title, might just be the key that unlocks your pharmaceutical dreams.

But where do you begin? How do you know if this path is right for you?

Well, I've been there, navigated the CNPR maze myself, and emerged (hopefully) the other side a certified, career-ready pharma pro.

So, strap yourselves in because I'm here to peel back the CNPR curtain, tell you the good, the bad, and the pharmaceutical, and equip you with the intel you need to crack the code to pharmaceutical sales success.

Quirky Sales Tactics: Mastering the Unexpected

A salesperson could possibly carry myriad of quirky sales tactics toolbox

In the world of sales, the line between brilliant and bonkers can be thinner than a cold-call script. Sometimes, the most unorthodox tactics land the biggest deals. Here's a peek into the quirky toolbox of top closers:

Rapport Builders:

  • Mirrored Manners: Imagine subtly matching a client's handshake, speech rhythm, or even posture. It seems strange, but this unconscious mirroring builds trust like magic.
  • Birthday Bonanza: Forget boring small talk. Ask playful age-related questions to break the ice and encourage them to share personal stories.
  • Compliment Connoisseur: Ditch the forced flattery. Genuinely observe and compliment specific details to stand out from the "great job!" crowd.