What You Need To Know About Glucometer Rep Job Before You Apply For One

A lady sales rep is seen promoting a glucometer to a pharmacist at his outlet.

Understanding the Vital Role of a Glucometer in Diabetes Management


Living with diabetes is like constantly walking on a tightrope, with constant vigilance required to ensure that your blood sugar levels don't tip to either extreme. This is where the glucometer, an unsung hero of diabetes management, comes into play.

A glucometer is an indispensable tool for anyone living with diabetes as it allows you to monitor your blood glucose levels easily and accurately at home.


Understanding how this crucial device works can help you better control your diabetes, and ultimately, lead a healthier life.

Let's dive into the world of glucometers to see how they function.


A Closer Look at the Glucometer: Diagram and Functionalities

A sketch of a standard glucometer diagram.

A glucometer is a simple, handheld device that comes with a digital display, a slot for inserting a test strip, and typically, a lancet device for pricking your finger.

The magic happens when a drop of your blood meets the chemical-laden test strip inserted into the glucometer. The glucometer calculates the glucose level in your blood and displays the result on its digital screen within seconds.


Being familiar with this process can significantly ease your experience of managing diabetes, as understanding the inner workings of this device will instill confidence in its readings and your ability to control your condition.


Time to Invest? Glucometers for Sale


Gone are the days when glucometers were available only in specialized medical stores or hospitals. With the surge of online platforms, glucometers are now conveniently available for sale on numerous websites.


Whether you are looking for an affordable, straightforward model or a more advanced one with features such as data storage or Bluetooth connectivity, there's a glucometer for everyone.

Before purchasing, always take into consideration your personal needs, lifestyle, and budget.

And remember, while purchasing a glucometer is a crucial step, ensuring you know how to use it effectively is equally important.


Tips for Selling Diabetic Meters


As the number of people diagnosed with diabetes continues to grow worldwide, so does the demand for glucometers.

If you're in the medical device industry and planning to sell diabetic meters, here are some tips to keep in mind.


Firstly, it's essential to understand your target audience. Empathize with the challenges a person with diabetes faces daily and think about how your glucometer can help.

Second, invest in educating your customers. Provide clear, easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the glucometer.

Lastly, establish a clear line of communication. Be there to answer any queries your customers may have.

Remember, by selling glucometers, you're not just selling a product; you're providing a tool that can drastically improve someone's life quality.


Grab the Best Deals: Glucometer Sale


Whether you're newly diagnosed with diabetes or looking to replace an old glucometer, now is an excellent time to invest in a new device. With the increasing competition in the market, many companies are hosting glucometer sales.


Don't miss out on these opportunities to grab a reliable glucometer at a reduced price.

Keep an eye out for sale announcements on medical device retailers' websites or sign up for their newsletters to be the first to know about any upcoming sales.

Remember, managing diabetes may be challenging, but with the right tools and knowledge, it becomes significantly easier.


In Short ..


Diabetes might be a constant companion, but with a glucometer by your side, it becomes much more manageable.

Now that you understand what a glucometer is, how it works, and where to find one for sale, you're better equipped to navigate the world of diabetes management.

Stay informed, make smart choices, and remember — you're not alone on this journey.

Moving On

You now know that a glucometer is a medical device that allows you to measure your blood glucose. 

A diabetic patient use this device. 

It is the reps who have their career in medical device sales that put this device into the hands of doctors or pharmacists.

Some diabetic patients do not prefer medical intervention. 

They don't like to take pills or jab insulin. 

Those patients are the target segment for non-invasive medicinal product rep which can spark debate and controversy.

Whether the reps sell medical devices or non-invasive products, they're building their career in pharmaceutical sales.

I know what a Glucometer rep job is and I know I might piss some people off with this post, but you know what – I will just risk it. I am going to tell you that it is not easy, and in the end, it is not that rewarding. The job burden is high (should I add monotone) and often time, annoying.

So get ready for the ‘glucose’ ride.

A sales rep who promotes Glucometer has to tackle a few tasks:

  1. He or she sells the ‘meter.’
  2. The rep has to do troubleshooting.
  3. The rep has to maintain continuous ‘meter’ education – especially for upgrades.

In the political scenario, Glucometer is considered an over the counter product which means the target market is the end-users – the diabetic patients who do self-monitoring or they're next of kin who care.

What it also means is – the market is wide open. 

Competitors come in many forms and from almost everywhere since they all think this is a highly lucrative market.

Maybe it is.

Whatever it is, a rep typically will have to target 2 market segments – the public and the retail sector

Glucometer is classified under OTC product

The public segment includes Government clinics in the hospitals that deal directly with diabetic and potential diabetic patients especially the geriatrics (the senior citizens).

Also, included in this segment is the peripheral clinic, usually located in the districts (outskirts) or rural area, and academic institutions. 

Since the rep deals directly with the customers, the transaction is in a straight manner. 

It seldom breeches a considerable amount which requires tender offering or things like that, and this does the rep job, relatively, much more comfortable – compared to rep selling huge analyzers.

And this is where the rep's job multiply because they have to do service and maintenance – or check-up instead. 

Considering the high burden of a typical general hospital plus the attitude of the staff responsible for running the glucometer - who can become highly dependent on the reps – there are always ‘hiccups.’

And it seems to happen on near weekends like Friday!

The thing is if the location of the health center is within driving range (say 1 hour top) it is not a hassle to make a presence, and take care of the matter. 

But if it is further than that, then it is going to be a hassle to travel to and fro.

I mean think about it – near the weekend?

Things are not much different from the retail segment.

With retail selling, reps sell to mostly pharmacists, and some independent healthcare providers. 

As usual, price and the total cost are the main concerns; hence this is where competitors consider their playground.

The name of the game is ‘where is the opening?’

The downfall can come not from the glucometer but from the strips that the meter uses. 

Glucometer sales rep support factor

If they have to pay ‘arm and leg’ for the meter, they often expect a lower price for pieces. 

And that is more important because it is the strips that customers have to buy usually – not the meter.

Along the way, there are going to be upgraded for the meter, and the reps have to re-educate the users.

Even if there is no upgrade, there are times when customers experience changes like transfer, policy changes, etc. which require retraining.

That will take the time and energy away from a ‘real’ selling situation, but it is not less important. 

In fact, the willingness of a customer to stick to a brand is mostly depending on such supporting factors.

Price alone would not cut it.

Despite all the ‘excitements’ I have listed above, many glucometer reps find their job as dull and monotone. 

I understand that because the equation of ‘burden-reward’ is in severe imbalance. 

I know this might not sound fair, but the ‘return of investment’ from this portfolio for a Pharmaceutical Company is not ‘sky-high’ either.

A diagnostic, pharmaceutical company can get more from a bench-top analyzer than a combination of 10 glucometers!

In the final notes, a glucometer rep's job is simply to promote, troubleshoot, and retrain 

Rep has to prepare mentally and physically for the kind of challenge he or she probably face from the market and qualify for the not-so-impressive rate of return on effort. 

But still, this job will provide an enjoyable sales experience and preparation for a bigger sales job.

Selling Glucometer To The Market: How The Contract Was Lost

Losing contract

Here's a short story about how two glucometer producers, fight for the same market (self-monitoring blood glucose market), and one producer got away with a colossal contract.

Once upon a time, there were two big producers of Glucometer, that continuously fight for market share, named RD and Abby (almost similar to both companies' abbreviation).

Both make high-quality glucometer...

...and both share almost equal portion of the diabetic self-monitoring blood glucose market, or it appears that way, at least.

It's hard to determine which companies produce more superior devices and test strips because both have their unique features.

But something was about to happen:

And it affects the landscape for this particular market.

A company that produces insulin was scouting for a partner in its total diabetes management effort, which includes SMBG (self-monitoring blood glucose).

Both glucometer producers were high on the list.

One company will end up with the whole pie and got to eat it too.

But which one?

While evaluating the feasible partner, an event took place which should've tilted the favor to RD.

One of the product person for Glucometer in RD resigned, and she joined the insulin company as "Brand Manager."

And the best thing is, she'll have the final say on which company to work with.

It's in her hand.

Logically, she'll favor her previous company. Many people thought so. But that didn't happen. It keeps many puzzled.

"What could be the cause of this?"

While others were busy searching for an explanation, Abby won the contract as the partner for the insulin company.

So, whenever a patient is prescribed insulin from the company, he or she will be given a glucometer free, as long as the patient stays on treatment.

This is a huge potential!

Diabetes is forecasted to grow in the epidemic, to about 360 million people in 2030, according to WHO.

But RD lost its chance.

And the reason was finally revealed:

It already a partner to the only competitor that the insulin company has.

Looking at it, pleasant thing RD didn't win the contract.

If it did, it would be a total monopoly...

... suitable for business, bad for patients.

Greed has proven itself as the most potent reason for losing contract (or business).

[BONUS] How To Buy A Glucometer And Save?

Buy glucometer and save

This post will tell you about buying a glucometer and save some cash when you do so.

Since self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG) has become a norm for people with diabetes, it makes sense to look at one of the essential parts.

Owning a right, a reliable glucometer is one of them.

There are companies offering customers free glucometer:

They did it through partnering with hospitals or retail outlets that keep their products.

This, in a way, appears to be very helpful to customers.

But if they care to look further, perhaps, they can see the real dynamic behind such an offering.

You see:

When you buy a glucometer, the sum you pay is often for the unit or device, and a few test strips.

Now, the device on its own is useless:

It could not display the result of your blood glucose, without inserting the strip.

You need the strip and device.

One more component - the lancet:

Lancet is the stuff you use to poke at your finger to draw just enough blood to be the tip on a strip, a small drip, to be precise.

These days, lancet comes in many forms.

In fact, while I was working with a diagnostic company a few years ago, it has a dedicated team to research and develop lancet.

The people in the team are called the "pain team," and their job function is to come up with a robust design of device and lancet's sharpness to increase efficiency, reduces pain, etc.

Just like a glucometer, the lancet's device is cheap, but the lancet, the small knife or needle, is not.

Customers have to change the lancet, not the device.

As you can see here:

The way for you to save money when buying a glucometer is two folds:

1) Find a device with the cheaper, reliable strip

2) Find a more inexpensive, reliable lancet.

I've seen glucometer sold for 80 bucks, which is way cheaper than branded 120 plus device, but the latter comes with a lifetime guarantee and free lifetime upgrade.

And the company has a permanent representative to serve customers.

The cheaper version does not offer all that.


The strips come in 120 units, instead of 90 or 100, with the branded version.

The reading from both devices are reliable, and both require minimal maintenance.

Both devices are "auto-calibrated," meaning, the machine will calibrate on its own after some time.

For lancet, I've seen customers used a needle or the syringe to poke their fingers.

This does work but disposing of the needle hygienically is a challenge.

Without proper disposal, that needle can be harmful, especially to misuse by others.

It's easier and cheaper to buy needles but quite difficult to dispose of.

We've arrived at the part where you need to make a decision:

I've stated my recommendation for you if you want to save some cash when buying a glucometer.

To recap:

Find a cheap reliable device ...

... more importantly, the strips ...

... and find cheaper reliable lancets.

If you can do these, you can save yourself your hard-earned cash, and use it to do something else, maybe buy yourself a slightly expensive lancet device.


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