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    What Happen After 10 Months Selling For A Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Company

    At least you already know 2 periods which I have touched on. 

    The second period was 3 months after that

    For these periods, I've shared some relevant lessons for you, in case you're going the same way.

    And it looks like the company's General Manager is going to see a bit more of me, still ...

    In this post, I thought of sharing with you the kind of changes I've gone through. 

    They probably would not be the same for you even if we walk down the same path. 

    For that reason, I can't be specific with what I'm going through right now, but I planned not to make this too general either that you can't see yourself going through the same things.

    Beginners who sell for a medical diagnostic company will have to go through some form of changes in areas that I'm going to mention. 

    My take is, those of you who are going to benefit the most from these changes are those who keep an open mind and a continuous learning attitude.

    I'd like very much to hear your side of the story if you may share them in the comment box below. 

    I know you have a word or two to share. 

    But before that, allow me to walk you through my journey after 10 months of selling diagnostic items.

    What Had Happened After 10 Months Selling For Diagnostic Pharmaceutical Company?

    It's already 10 months if I calculated from the day I joined this Company which was in March 2008. 10 months and let see what I've got to show for it...

    • Physically

    I realized that I'm expanding in the gut area. 

    Could this due to the job or it's just a 'frontal' and 'side effect' of adding more numbers to my age? 

    I don't know...


    My weight is still maintained. 

    I know if my waist circumference is more than 42'' then I'm in trouble. 

    Adding to that, my Dad was recently being treated for a 'transient ischemic attack,' i.e., minor stroke.
    He survived it, but ECG showed a not-so-nice picture of his heart.

    Some of his veins need intervention. 

    Plus..my uncle on my late Mom's side died of a stroke - hemorrhagic stroke. 

    One-shot and that's it for him.

    So I got risk factors from both sides, plus expanding waistline plus I'm sure off-track BMI, i.e., I'm overweight and many of my friends are active smokers which makes me the PASSIVE one.

    It's so unfair...I mean from my friend's side.

    • Mentally

    Honestly, I've never been happier since after Graduation. 

    I got time to do almost everything I plan to do minus the load of office work, managing people, and managing imbecile Bosses. 

    Much of what I would instead do a few years back.

    • Financially

    This is so far my most significant setback. 

    If ONLY (the saddest word ever) I can duplicate what I've got previously, but I know that, realistically that's only possible LAST time. 

    Right now, let's make do with what I have.

    *(Need to remind me to count my blessing, and you do too)*


    Why I feel like I'm going nowhere?

    I just got the latest figure for my sales performance, and the instruction that comes with it was to plan how to close the gap. 

    What puzzled me was, the number was EXTRA O.K and the gap... 

    My rational mind that has involved in this industry for a decade said," Err... What's there to close?"

    Extraordinary and I'm not feeling nor having anything to show for it. 

    Picture a game of Tug of War where both teams are sweating their brawn pulling the rope, and there's no movement whatsoever.

    Not an inch!

    I believe it's time to play another game ;)


    1. Aku ingat aku cari barang n comp sendiri la kantan. Well, as they say,"Tough time don't last. Tough people do."
      Tough people macam kita kantan!!!


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