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    The Technopreneurs Association Of Malaysia

    The Technopreneurs Association Of Malaysia

    To promote the interests of technopreneurs and support the development of technology industries in Malaysia, a group of Malaysian technopsreneurs has established the Techno-Technophiles Association of Malaysia (TeAM), as mentioned in this line

    The members of the team are divided into three categories:

    • technology professionals 
    • technology companies
    • technology entrepreneurs 

    Membership in TeAM is open to all those associated with the technology industry in Malaysia, as well as to anyone interested in technology and technology-related companies. 

    It is a great honour for TeAM as an industry organisation to receive this recognition and to be able to make a contribution at national level. 

    In addition to the Innotech event, which was organized by MDeC on November 17, the team also helped organize a talk on "Go Global" for the US market. 

    The event was part of a larger initiative that TeAm has been working on for the past two years to enable a group of technopreneurs to actually move into Silicon Valley, California, to gain access to US markets. 

    The last major activity of TeAM was the "Jumpstart Business Grant" which focused on the newly launched CIP 500 commercialization grant from the Malaysian Institute of Technology and Innovation (MITI) and MDeC Sdn Bhd. 

    The funding of RM 50,000 per idea was granted to qualified idea applicants. 

    In addition to spearheading seed investments and creating a pool of technological ideas and creating new ICT opportunities, TeAm has also appointed a team of experts in business development, technology development and incubator and business management. 

    In other words, the CIP is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia and one of the largest in the world in terms of financing. 

    This is an innovative government program initiated and managed under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance to promote the growth and development of start-ups in Malaysia and other ASEAN member states. 

    In 2012, Yeoh was one of the 44 best female founders and in 2013 she was the first female founder of a major technology company. She has established a state-funded agency to support entrepreneurship in Malaysian and Asean. She has also helped put Malaysian start-up companies on the world map by building their ecosystem in two years. 

    A global hackathon movement brings together software developers, designers and entrepreneurs to create technology prototypes within 24 hours and present them to a jury. 

    • GSY

    GSY events open up new connections with Malaysian start-ups and create a global awareness among young people of the vitality of the Malaysian start-up ecosystem. It brings together the ecosystems of Penang startup company by joining as a community builder in Penang in mid-2014. 

    • Dash

    Dash has been involved in several other entrepreneurship initiatives in Malaysia, including the university's Master Class Program for Entrepreneurs, which trains students to start businesses. 

    It recently completed the first round of the Startup Malaysia Entrepreneurial Development Program (KEDP) and is currently holding its second round in Penang, Malaysia. 

    The Start-up Economy Between Malaysia and Singapore

    Start-up economy between Malaysia and Singapore

    Although much can be made of the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore, Malaysia has lost one of its most important resources relative to Singapore. 

    While start-ups have traditionally been ICT-based, which has had a much greater impact on the services industry, the start-up economy's span has created a huge gap between the two countries in terms of talent and resources. 

    So it is only natural that Malaysia's startup scene should follow a particular trend by focusing more on service-sector startups than on more traditional industries such as manufacturing and services. 

    Singapore has a much better network infrastructure, which has had a huge impact on the growth of the start-up economy in recent years.

    For example, telemedicine is a multimedia network that connects all stakeholders to provide products, services and healthcare to patients and their families, as well as healthcare providers and other stakeholders. 


    The Successful Malaysian VC

    Successful Malaysian VC professional

    Now is a good time to forge the successful Malaysian VC professionals and entrepreneurs who are returning from abroad to manage local VC funds. 

    Many of these funds were managed by successful entrepreneurs who are not from Malaysia but are active in mature Western markets. If the managing partner is not an entrepreneur and the next leader is an entrepreneur, we will see more successful VCs in Malaysia. 

    Malaysia has lost a lot of talent in recent years due to a perceived lack of investment in the technology sector. 

    Malacca, for example, has been flourishing ever since. Some have been able to maneuver their careers into the corporate arena, joining several established companies. 


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