Sell Your Designs To A Commercial Audience

If you are a talented artist, you could sell your designs to a commercial audience. On the other hand, some people also behave like artists trying to make a living from their work, which can make it difficult to put their art online in front of the right people.


Artists and designers can diversify their income streams and attract more attention by licensing their creative designs in partnership with retailers and companies with interested buyers. 

A painter can create a logo for a painting, a graphic artist or illustrator can license characters and logos for print and online marketing. 

Actively licensing your work for use in other media is a great way to expand your product range. 

If you want to sell products in today's competitive market, you don't need direct response advertising to get the job done. 

Print, TV, radio, and online advertising are all viable ways to sell products through advertising. No matter which medium you choose, advertising is an effective platform for direct sales. The print is often the most effective way to sell products because it can elicit reactions from consumers. 

For galleries, the transformation of the past two decades has allowed curators to represent more artists and expand beyond affordable prints to reach a wider audience worldwide. 

E-commerce and social selling have become a powerful tool for independent artists to sell the works they want directly to their niche audiences. While my own career as an illustrator lasted only a few months, I consulted with two Shopify gallery owners who make a living selling art. 

Maria, also known as Hatecopy, quit her advertising career to focus on painting when her pop art painting "Auntie" caught fire on Instagram. Maria not only sells prints and other merchandising items on her website but also works with Shopify retailer Nuvango to reproduce her works in print on clothing.


Nuvango is a community of passionate art lovers who help designers and artists make a living from their creative endeavors. This could be a great platform to sell your work to a commercial audience, and it's always looking for new talent.

Screenshot showing passionate art lover page Nuvango

Etsy is a global e-commerce site that caters to creative people who want to sell their design work, focusing on everything from clothing and accessories to clothing, accessories, and home accessories.

Etsy webpage screenshot where sellers can sign up and start selling

Etsy is one of the world's largest craft businesses, powered by retail locations, and offers a kind of global audience of millions that most creatives would struggle to reach on their own. 

The site is ideal for designers and creatives looking for a way to showcase their work on a wide range of products while taking back only a small percentage of what you sell.


Launched in 2005, this popular online marketplace has become the hub for hobbyists, designers, painters, and artists of all kinds to showcase their work, connect with potential customers, and sell their creations online

It gives you access to a wide range of artworks from around the world and you can forget money from the sale right in your pocket.

Since 2005, it has paid over $2.5 million in royalties to more than 2,000 artists, designers, photographers, and artists from around the world. 

Cuppleditch explains: "Customers want to see something that fits the market trend but is still able to stand out from the crowd."

Cuppeditch engages with the audience by sharing its personal experience in attracting customers and its thoughts on Etsy's business model.


When you set up your online art shop, choose a theme that gives your art a breather, such as a pop-up shop, gallery, or even an art gallery. 

Add an app that helps you run your store more effortlessly, so you can focus on the creative aspects of your business. 

Whether you sell your artwork as graphics or merch, apps like Kite, Gooten, or Printful can sync with the business and take the burden of shipping and fulfillment out of the equation. You are free to set up your products and you can produce, manufacture, ship, and manage them, with only the design to do.


Professional presentation of your design is essential, but it is important to take a focused approach to prepare your portfolio. As challenging as it may seem, it can actually be a happy compromise to tailor your work to the needs of your potential customers. 

Let's take a look at some other sites to sell your artwork online and what to watch out for:

Artist Shops is operated by an online community and an e-commerce store Threadless, offering artists the opportunity to sell their designs to a commercial audience through a variety of online platforms.


This is how Threadless webpage looks like from a screenshot

Society 6 is an online platform for creatives who sell design work through online platforms, with a focus on the visual arts, graphic design, photography, and other creative endeavors. There is no minimum order size, but you can choose from various products to sell your art; there are works of art, ceramics, jewelry, clothing, accessories, books, toys, and much more.

How the Society6 webpage looks after a screenshot


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