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    SoftSolvers Solutions Sdn Bhd

    SoftSolvers customers solutions

    SoftSolvers is a team of dedicated professionals who provide customized solutions that are valued by customers and focused on customer satisfaction, quality, and customer service.

    We've touched on this in the previous random notes on Jetpharma.

    It is one of the few companies in Malaysia that assesses the need for the CMM standard and its build standards for software development. Its solutions are highly qualified in this area, having already made extensive commitments to a number of Soft Solvers Technologies customers.

    Business (TM) and SoftSolvers Outsourcing Solutions help you automate key processes and accelerate transactions within your organization, including creating new business models, business processes, and business intelligence (BIS).

    SS offers online companies and web startups the opportunity to develop next-generation applications from scratch and modernize existing applications. This means it doesn't have to hire IT people to automate, and we can go live with a new application in less than 30 minutes or in just a few hours.


    SoftSol has sufficient qualified resources and provides engineers, contractors, and developers with innovative and cost-effective solutions for projects such as in North America.


    As a manufacturer of electronic devices, Contec's management philosophy is to develop creative technologies, to use these technologies to provide products and solutions to society and thus to contribute to society.


    If you know that Contec Global is the right company for you, read and learn more about the company, its products and services, and its business model. The " Contec Co. Frankfurt Book Fair "is an annual event where the main players in the content industry meet to share trends and developments.

    This year, it took place from 20 July 2020 and gain exclusive access to a limited number of exclusive interviews with contest staff who have been with the company for at least six months.


    Contec Systems was founded in 1978 to offer specially developed solutions that use high-performance, cost-effective, and flexible switching solutions.


    It offers creative technologies and people-based solutions for a wide range of applications, from medical devices and medical devices to industrial and industrial applications.


    Innovative modular switching products that can be assembled and configured to an almost infinite variety of systems that offer a high degree of flexibility and power consumption, performance, and reliability.


    It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of modular switches for medical, industrial, commercial, and residential use.


    GES Automation and Technology is a great advantage for the company, which is involved in the design and integration of plants as well as the development and implementation of new plants and services.


    The equipment offered in this program ranges from new equipment that has never been used or installed to GES, which provides high-quality outsourced services to support the installation, maintenance, repair, and maintenance of equipment and the design and installation of new equipment.

    The technical competence combined with a long-standing experience in the field of modular switches and switches for medical, industrial, commercial, and residential applications makes an excellent partner for technical challenges.
    It passionately develops solutions to the real business challenges faced by the customers. 

    GES is the first company to be certified to provide an outstanding customer service experience through chat and telephone support. 

    Learn more about purchasing GES equipment, including complete factories and selling equipment to guarantee functional and renovated equipment that is guaranteed to depend on the needs of the customer.


    It secures a complete range of products, and the best products or services available to customers, which are simple, reliable, and easy to use and maintain. 

    The company offers a wide range of equipment options and models to meet the most demanding energy needs. The team has developed a complete solution for audiovisual needs, including high-quality audio, video, and digital videos, as well as a comprehensive range of energy-efficient solutions.

    It also provides solutions for all areas of sales, marketing, and customer service, including the establishment of VoIP-based call centers with complete hardware and software components.


    It offers a wide range of solutions that cover the full spectrum of audio, video, and digital video file production and distribution, from audio and video to data storage. 

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