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    How to Use Your Blog To Sell Product Or Service

    How To Sell On Blog

    Personally, I would recommend that you use your own blog as an e-commerce platform, as it will help traffic to your business while maintaining your audience on your website. One user uses her blog with the Laurel WordPress blog theme, which is optimized for blog stores and has only 39% life access.

    If you know you can make money from your blog, the first step is to decide whether you want to blog. This gives you time to work on the blog and find out what exactly your niche is and what the customer wants to learn anyway. 

    Again, there is a caveat:

    If you sell your blog on social media, you will find buyers for it, even if they don't make money.

    If you don't have a blog yet, but still hope to sell some of your own digital or physical products, I recommend Sellfy, an e-commerce platform for creators. I hope these tips on how to create a shop on the blog helped you start your own online store so you can start selling your products and monetizing the blog.

    1. Using a blog to sell?

    Before we go into what kind of digital products you can sell on your blog, let's talk about why you should sell them at all. You probably started a blog because you have the information you want to share, so why not?

    Sidenote: Here's an overview of social selling for beginners 

    Blogging is not only a great way to share your writing passion, it can even be a very lucrative way for you to make money. If you want to be a professional blogger and run a professional blogging company where you earn consistently, you have to think like a business owner.

    Selling ads on your blog or website is one of the most common ways to make money online, and it is well known that any blogger can make some money from their blog. The main way bloggers make money is by selling their own digital products, but they can sell any digital product and make money from their blogs.


    2. Blog Design

    A great blog design alone can be worth a few thousand dollars, but be sure that other bloggers know how valuable a high-quality blog post is. 

    There are also bloggers who create blogs to sell, to monetize, even if they have great content. There is no way to evaluate a blog adequately because there are so many variables that come into play. 

    You can either sell your blog or sell a product or idea and start over.

    Leafing through a blog is perfect for people who like to write about a topic and are bored with writing about the same topic for years. One topic can be written for a while, another for months or even years, and so on. 

    3. The Sellfy Store

    One of the easiest and fastest ways to sell a product on Blogger is to link your product to the Sellfy Store.

    Each product you create on Sellfy will have a unique link that you can share with your audience. You can turn the blogger platform into an e-commerce store and sell products. 

    4. The E-mail list

    It's been a year and a half since I decided to sell online courses that teach other bloggers how to make lead magnets for their email lists.

    I used what I had learned through months of trial and error to develop a digital product that I believed would help them increase their email list. Waiting until my blog was a little more established made selling products on the blog so much easier. 

    If I had jumped straight into the development of a product at the beginning of my blogging journey, I would have felt overwhelmed. 

    Once you have set up a blog, you need an e-commerce platform to receive payments and bring your digital product to customers.

    4.1. SendOwl

    I use SendOwl to sell my digital products and I love the simplicity of bringing them to my customers and the ease of use. 

    SendOwl is designed specifically for the sale of digital products and their services are inexpensive compared to other platforms. SendOwls also pays a recurring affiliate commission, which is great for eBooks, and I recommend Thinkific as a platform (of course).


    If you're thinking of a creative way to make money as another blogger, then you need to strategically think about how to set up your blog successfully. Starting a blog is easy if you want to have a side-show, but it's not always easy. 


    1. Using your blog to sell?
      Why not share it here so others will know?

    2. The design of the image should be professional and attractive. Use colors and design elements that will draw the eye and make the product stand out.
      Amazon product listing images design is essential component.

      1. I totally agree with your comment about Amazon product listing images design being a crucial component. When it comes to selling products online, first impressions are everything. And what better way to make a great first impression than with a professionally designed and visually appealing image?

        In my experience, the key to creating a killer product listing image is to use colors and design elements that will grab the viewer's attention and make your product stand out from the rest. But don't just take my word for it - test different designs and see which ones perform the best.

        Remember, when it comes to selling on Amazon, every detail counts. So don't neglect your product listing images - they could be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

        To your success :)


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