How to Make More Sales With 3 Simple Ideas

How to make more sales is always at the top of the head for many business owners and salespersons. There has been much-complicated writing produce to address this issue, but that's not the aim for this article which is to keep it simple.
How to make more sales

Answers On How to Make More Sales Today

Things have changed quite drastically today. Strategies to increase sales that used to produce excellent results 5 or 10 years ago, do not seem to be producing the same results today. As a matter of fact, things will keep changing, and business owners or salespersons have to take proactive measure to manage them. Here are three ideas they can use to make more sales that fit nicely into any selling situation today.

Ref: (Newsell and WOMBAT Selling by Michael Hewitt Gleeson)

Meet More People Increase Chances Of Getting More Sales

Meet more people

There are 2 ways to go about doing this:

  • Meet more people from the same organization, companies, etc.
  • Meet brand new people.

In the strategy brought forward in Newsell, this move is called "Schedule Check!". When meeting more people, we increase the chance to gain more commitment and eventually produce more revenue. But that's only possible when we change our approach when meeting these people. For example, the number one thing that a salesperson needs to change is his "energy focus' - from closing to Check! Move.

Use Mail (Electronic or Normal) To Get More Sales

Mail more people

Many companies tend to look the other way when the mailing is mentioned because most of them do not know how to do it effectively. They simply don't have the competencies to carry this out the right way. This is understood because many companies started off with cold-calling or as a spin-off from another business. What happened, most of the time was the transfer of customers or prospects; not the process of building a business. To make more sales, simply learn how to contact more leads using email or "snail mail," like they used to call it.

Making More Sales Through The Telephone

Phone more people

Let's face the fact that a mobile phone these days can do more than dial-up numbers. People use them to navigate their ways around the block, share relevant documents, photo, etc., and chat live with a video call. Therein lie tactics and tricks on how to improve sales. Many companies employ people for the sole purpose to win customers through phone. If you're looking for more ways on how to make more sales, then using the telephone effectively is one way that needs to be in your playbook.

So, there you have it. 3 simple ideas you can expand in your current situation, regardless of the type of business you're in, to make more sales and increase your revenue. These are just the raw materials. You can choose to expand them or focus on a particular strategy for the best result. What would it be for you?

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