How To Sell Your Products Or Services On Facebook

How To Sell On Facebook

There are many ways Facebook makes it easy for you to promote the products you sell on its platform. You don't want your followers to feel that Facebook is just about your sales, but also about you and your products.

If you've just started and want to explore your options, here's a quick guide on how to use social media to sell

There are also many niche groups with huge follower numbers that you can join to promote and sell your products on Facebook. Putting items up for sale in a local group is one of the most popular ways to sell on the Facebook marketplace. Most purchase/selling groups have a simple form that contains all the details you have already put together.

So find a way to let people know that you are also an online community, not just about your business, but also about the products you sell. 


To sell your products on Facebook, you first have to market them in your Facebook shop with ads, competitions, and posts.

Next, connect your e-commerce platform to Facebook and upload your product categories manually.


1. The Marketplace

You must first create a Facebook account if you do not have one, but only Facebook users can buy and sell on the marketplace.

You can set a price for the goods you sell and there is no fee to list or sell things on the marketplace, So there is no waiting to see if your reserve price matches the eBay auction site.

If you are in a sales group, you can send your list to that group to get the attention of potential buyers in your area and near you. 

To get to the Marketplace, tap the Shop icon at the bottom of the Facebook app, and select Marketplace. In the BigCommerce Shop control panel, select the "Facebook" icon, tap "Get to Marketplace" and select your account. 

You will now be part of the Facebook Marketplace Review process, which gives Facebook time to decide whether your product is suitable for sale on the marketplace.

Retailers across the US have the opportunity to expand their reach, make more purchases, and build their brands by using Facebook's marketplace as a new distribution channel. 

2. Facebook Shop

Adding a BigCommerce retailer to Facebook Marketplace is easy, with built-in support and growth trainers to help you implement it. With Facebook Shop, you can connect to an e-commerce platform that makes it easy for you to sell several of the same items and integrate with other sales channels.

You can place ads so that your products from your Facebook shop appear on the Facebook marketplace. 

If you are already selling online, there are many providers of online shops that also integrate with Facebook Shop.

Shopify, BigCommerce, and Ecwid are some of the top names in e-commerce, but they're not the only ones. They are all seamlessly connected to and seamlessly connected to the Facebook Store. Once you have synced your platform, Facebook can connect you to your online stores to start selling online.


3. Facebook Page

If you want to have a booth - alone or integrated into your existing e-commerce shop website, you only need a Facebook page to sell it on Facebook. Let's start selling through Facebook by selling on a Facebook page that acts as your business for your products.

Note: I took some time to learn everything you need to know about Facebook sales and the marketplace in this article. 

If you do not have a website yet or want to complement your website and improve your ROI with your Facebook page, the shop area is for you and for those who want it to complement their website or improve their Facebook page. 

Using an e-commerce platform like BigCommerce makes it easy to sell on Facebook because you can quickly synchronize your product catalog and manage sales inventories and customer orders in one place.

4. Connect to Shopify

Then connect your Shopify and Facebook accounts, add your products to your Facebook shop via Shopify and start selling.

Until then, you have an established business page on Facebook, so you have the target audience you sell to. Make no secret of the fact that your purchases are available on Facebook or wherever you sell products. 

This service works by allowing companies with a Facebook page to use the Shopify Messenger sales channel to share product catalogs and promote items. 

With Shopify Messenger, agents can answer your questions directly from your Facebook page, making it a great way to recommend and link your products, take advantage of upselling opportunities, and provide personalized customer support. 

In short

The use of an e-commerce platform is recommended and is necessary for every company that sells products in the Facebook shop. From there, Facebook offers you a variety of paid marketing opportunities to promote your shop. You will see your Facebook audience grow and start to make sales, and if your business sells more than 10% of its total revenue through Facebook, it's a great opportunity for you to sell yourself. 


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