How to Sell Your Products Or Services On Instagram

How To Sell On Instagram

If you want to start selling on Instagram or if you've already done so and want to improve your game, here are a few tips but before we move on to Instagram sales tips, I'd like to remind you of some of the basics covered before.

I've put together a list of tips on how to sell on Instagram, as well as a few tips and tricks.

With a very little setup, you can have a thriving e-commerce business that makes the most of social media retail. Whether you want to use Instagram as part of a larger e-commerce strategy or have it as your main point of sale, we have a few tips to help you get started.

If you haven't used Instagram for sales, you're missing out on one of the most important parts of your marketing strategy: social media marketing. 

1. Instagram Business Account

If you plan to use Instagram to market your business, you can give yourself a lot of benefits by opening an Instagram Business account.

Once you have a personal profile on Instagram, take some time to turn it into a business account. If you are seriously interested in selling on the platform, you need to create an Instagram business account, so consider hiring a social media marketer.

Start selling your products on Instagram today and set up your Instagram business account. 

Instagram for Business gives you access to a range of features that you cannot access through your personal accounts, such as the ability to share photos and videos, and a host of other features. 

2. Standardize your messages

If you're starting a new blog, running an e-commerce business, developing a digital product or online course, or just promoting your Instagram profile on your website, you need to standardize your messages.

To meet these requirements, you need to add an Instagram sales channel to your Shopify BigCommerce Store (go to Business Settings and enable the feature in your authorized store).

In fact, the only way to do this is to limit yourself to selling only one product at a time, and if your product works well with other types of content, you can always put a link to that bio in your biography.


3. Instagram Shoppable Posts

Now, Instagram Shoppable Posts makes selling on the platform fairly easy and allows your audience members to complete a complete shopping journey from start to finish without ever leaving the app.

You can also shop through the Instagram app, as you would on any other social media platform.

Instagram allows companies to highlight products in posts, allowing users to click on the product, learn more, and make a purchase. This is the first step to highlight and sell your products directly in the app, but it's not the only step.  

4. Run competitions

Some e-commerce companies run competitions where followers have to use hashtags and submit user-generated content. They run competitions with different categories, such as product competitions, competitions, and even competitions against other brands.


You can increase your reach and participation in the contest by promoting your Instagram profile on your website.

If you choose this type of contest, follow Instagram's rules, highlight your products, and work on using Instagram to create your email list.

You can also monetize your social media feed and sell your product directly.

This gives you access to all the analytics and advertising tools you can use to sell on Instagram, such as social media marketing tools, marketing campaigns, and marketing analytics. 

5. Link to your store

The easiest way to increase sales with Instagram is to make sure you link to your store's website. Designer Simran Rihal used her Instagram account Shopify to share a photo of her latest collection. Anyone who finds their business on Instagram is likely to redirect it to the store. 

6. Use the best hashtags

To really start paying off and increase sales, you need to go through the steps of using the best hashtags on Instagram, changing your Instagram biography, and working on Instagram captions.

The above steps will help you build your brand, reach more of your target audience, and increase engagement with your posts.

7. Instagram Ads

Unfortunately, there is no good way to sell on Instagram, so you rely solely on the power of your content, shares, and followers.

With Instagram Ads, you reach potential customers without having to resort to organic methods. 

Since not all Instagram users are in the market for new products and services, let alone for a particular product or service, you can use the platform to sell beautiful things. Instagram Ads is a powerful tool that will certainly boost sales for your business. 

In summary

Follow these steps to make money and you'll soon be selling like a savvy veteran on Instagram.

We want you to start selling through Instagram because a shocking number of small business owners have completed these simple steps first. Move your units to Instagram, talk to small businesses, and follow this guide to making money on Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

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