How to Sell Your Products Or Services On Pinterest

How To Sell On Pinterest

This beginner's guide to selling products on Pinterest is full of business ideas and marketing tips that, if used correctly, should help you bring more traffic to your e-commerce site and lift social media selling to eighth heaven.

Baked with love and fragrant spices, Pinterest, a social media platform, is the best place to advertise your online store.

Before I tell you all about the possibilities of using Pinterest for e-commerce, let's take a look at the bare framework of Pinterest marketing. 

Pinterest is one of the world's most popular social media platforms, puzzling creators, and marketers alike. In this starter guide, we will outline the basics of using Pinterest for marketing, including setting up a profile, optimizing your pins, advertising on the platform, and measuring your results. 

1. Sell products on Pinterest with purchasable pins

Just over a year ago, Pinterest was a social media platform aimed at hipsters and mothers.

The introduction of buyable pins has helped transform Pinterest from a major source of the online store to a major source of orders and sales. A recently released data shows that Pinterest is the second most popular e-commerce platform in the US and has the third-largest number of active users behind Facebook and Twitter. 

With purchasable pins, users can quickly purchase items on their Pinterest without having to leave the platform.

Here's how the new Pinterest and Instagram buy buttons work and how retailers can use them to boost business.

Pinterest and Shopify have teamed up to make it easier for companies to sell their products on Pinterest with purchasable pins.

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users (or "pinners") to store and later use pins with links, descriptions, and images on different boards. Users can create Pinterest pins by uploading images and links manually, or they can find the pin they're looking for by searching or stumbling across a pin they want to see in their feed. 

A new type of Pin announced today includes a buy button that allows consumers to buy and pay for products they discover with Apple Pay or their credit card. 

Shopify works closely with Pinterest and is the first platform that small and medium-sized businesses can use to sell.

Again, you don't make money directly from Pinterest but use Pinterest's powerful search engine.

If you have an e-commerce site, whether your site is on Shopify or Etsy, drive traffic, and make money with Pinterest. 

If you are an online store owner or blogger who does the same, you can use Pinterest in a similar way to Shopify or Etsy. 

Put boards with different styles and themes together, research keywords, and create pens to promote your new products, and put them all together in one place. 

2. Create a business account

If you use Pinterest to market your online store, you also need to create a business account.

Pinterest Business is an account that indicates what your business is, what gives you legitimacy, and 50% of Pinterest users will buy your products after seeing your sponsored pins.


It also gives you access to Pinterest widgets, which allow users to pin your site and give you more opportunities to shop on your site. 

This is done by making it easy for consumers to pay and pay when using the Pinterest mobile app. Purchasable pins and buttons will appear in the coming weeks for US consumers.

Pinterest already shows bulletin boards on Instagram that carry the "Shop Now" button in sponsored posts, and Instagram Sports A Shop now on its main page.


The new mobile retail feature makes social media sales better and faster for your business and makes it easier for you to work. 

3. Invite them to follow

If a customer clicks through to your product page, take this opportunity to invite them to follow you on Pinterest so they can share your products with their network. There are many ways for your customers to learn more about your products, whether through social media or through using your website.


4. Use paid advertising

Use paid advertising to make your pins accessible to a wider audience.

The sponsored pins are easy to set up in the Pinterest Ads Manager and blend seamlessly into your boards and pin style. This strategy increases the reach of your Pinterest pins to a wider audience that you might not otherwise find. 

If you want to build brand awareness, increase your business's online sales, or reduce online traffic to your website, setting up Promoted Pins is great for your business.

If a potential customer is not immediately ready to buy your product, connecting your Pinterest account with the store will give your customer a way to bookmark the product for later storage. From the end of 2018, Shop and Look PINS will only be available for large e-commerce stores. 

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