Sales Is Not Meant For Everybody

The premise is simple: no one achieves success in life 
without knowing how to sell.

Every time you mention it, you hear that you have a knack for selling, but you just can't. 

And that is farthest from the truth. 

The great seller is not born, he or she is made, and this is not due to his or her abilities as a seller or even to their personality. 

Think of the last time you convinced a child to get their vegetables ready or persuaded their parents to lend you a car for the weekend. 

Remember that your mother tells you that young children should see and not hear: "You have to sell something."

Of course, it's not that simple: 

you find people who have problems that you can solve, but it takes a lot of work. 

You solve the problem, you help people, you get money for it and you realize that they have a problem that they have to solve.

In reality, the majority of sellers are in this career for the wrong reasons and they are not interested in really solving the problems of customers. 

It's ironic because most sellers are not successful and don't make good money from the role. 

To earn consistent money as a seller, you have to be professional, honest, take care of your customers, behave professionally, and honestly. 

If you are an inexperienced salesman who has just started his career and wants to make a lot of money in sales, you must commit yourself to the profession. 

If you do not get used to set small, consumption-worthy targets, you will not come close to achieving the big ones. 

As with most careers, it's about a sense of urgency and a positive attitude, plans, and the right priorities.

Even though sales can be one of the most challenging careers ever, if you are willing to focus on what it takes to succeed, then it is most rewarding. 

Sales can also take a long time because low-stress jobs are something that matters to you. 

It would be uncontroversial to say that the majority of sellers are highly motivated by financial compensation. 

But there are people who are successful in sales because:

they love the challenge, not because of the money, but because it suits them. 

This sums up the attitude that is needed to succeed and that we must all see as an opportunity. 

If your prospects are not certain, they are more likely to explain themselves better and find a way to deal with your product or service.

Most people only realize how important sales are when your paycheck depends on it and the money just isn't that important. 

If you are aware that there are other things you could do better, it is probably because you can do them better than selling them, not because money is important. 

Some people believe they have to become stereotypical salesmen to promote themselves, but they shy away from it. 

Remember that worthwhile goods and services are sold by those who sell them, and you do not have to sell yourself. 

How do you know if you are a top seller 
and how can you stand out in the tough competition to be 
one of the most successful salespeople in your industry and the world? 

Unfortunately, over 80% of sellers are not committed to the sales profession and many people who are not directly involved in the sale may fall out of the profession. 

Cold calls are like dieting or quitting smoking when you're not particularly good at it. 

In fact, in my experience, the most successful salespeople are the ones who listen the most and talk the least. 

After all, a salesman should have the gift of the day, right? 

But forget it, if you are stuck in a rut at work from time to time, and even more so in sales, where a positive mood is essential, you need a bit of inspiration, advice, and motivation. 

Settings managers generally like to see if you are confident that you are already selling your product.

To sell effectively, you need to believe that you can sell well and that must be part of your marketing strategy, not just a side effect of the product itself. 

But one thing speaks for you: 

The sales industry often employs more freshmen than any other industry.

While commissions are paid, you can negotiate a salary that is normally focused on the amount of experience and duration of your activity. 

Companies like to hire people who have a clean slate and no career as watchdogs of bad habits. 

It is fascinating to see how often people who have worked in sales, marketing, advertising, finance, and other high-tech industries say: "I could never have been in sales."

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