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    New Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Guide Module 1: Overview

    New pharma sales rep guide free online course overview


    Upon completion of a new pharmaceutical sales rep guide on selling to health care practitioner Module 1, you'll be able to:

    1. List at least 9 steps of the selling process
    2. Identify each step during practice and the actual sales call.
    3. State features and benefits of promoted products

    Let's take a look at what we'll be covering:

    • A) Steps of the Selling Process
    • B) Material Quiz

    A. Steps of the Selling Process

    A.1 Prepare to make the sales call

    A. 2 Call opening

    A. 3 Product presentation

    • i) benefit statements
    • ii) adding features and benefits

    A. 4 Prove sales message

    • i) using reprints
    • ii) using visual aids

    A. 5 Check for buy-in

    • i) Looking at verbal and nonverbal signs
    • ii) Probing for more info
    • iii) Move to commitment

    A. 6 Handling objection

    A. 7 Gaining commitment

    A. 8 Product bridge

    A. 9 Follow up

    B. Material Quiz

    Please refer to your product brochure or detail aid, and answer these questions:

    1. What is your product prescribed for?
    2. How is it prescribed?
    3. Describe three features and related benefits for the product, e.g., Long half-life that allows once a day dose - function, so it increases patients' compliance since it's easy to remember the time to take medicine - benefit.
    4. Describe how your product differs compares to competitor A
    5. Describe how it is compared to competitor B
    6. Describe how your product compares with competitor C

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