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    New Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Guide Module 3: Creating Favorable First Impression

    Creating a favorable first impression, which is what we're going to look at in Module 3 of the new pharmaceutical sales rep guide on selling to HCPs, is more than just a few words.

    The first impression is made up of, at least, three components, which shall be covered in this module.

    The results from a favorable impression are trust and relationship.

    Have you heard of the quote that says, "People always buy from whom they trust?"

    That's the whole idea of Module 3:


    Upon completion of Module 3 - Creating a favorable first impression, you can:
    • a) List ways to build rapport
    • b) List ways to build rapport, specifically, with HCPs, receptionists and other staffs.
    • c) Learn to establish credibility
    • d) List ways to create and maintain a professional appearance


    We are going to cover three components of creating a favorable impression.

    You probably have been doing this, day in and out, without naming them.

    The first impression leads to rapport and then trust. Trust, built over time, leads to a relationship.

    Three components for Module 3:
    • 1) Develop rapport
    • 2) Established credibility
    • 3) Professional appearance

    Develop Rapport

    The relationship is critical in long term business. The good thing is, it merely starts with rapport, which in turn developed over time to trust.

    HCPs trust creates comfort when dealing with them. That is, of course, very important too.

    Pharmaceutical sales reps will be seeing the same customers more than once throughout their working life. It pays to visit those we're comfortable working with, right?

    And HCPs are not the only group reps will be seeing. There are support staffs, like nurses, and the all-important 'gatekeepers' - the receptionists.

    Rapport should start the minute you approach the HCP's office.

    Remember when we go through Module 2 and info gathering? They are one of the resources you could use to find useful info about prescription, patients list, and other relevant info.

    Developing rapport depends on:
    • a) Respect
    • b) Empathy
    • c) Common ground

    Exercise 3.1. Building rapport

    Try to answer the following questions:
    1. What ways can you think of, to build rapport with the receptionists?
    2. How can you build rapport with the office nurse?
    3. How did you build rapport with others? Can you apply that to building rapport with nurse or receptionist?
    4. How to build rapport with HCP?
    5. What can you use to build rapport?
    6. What you cannot use to build rapport?

    Establish Credibility

    Credibility as pharmaceutical sales reps could come from many sources. For example, from the Pharma company you represent and from the product you promote.

    There are cases where HCPs like you, as a person, but that becomes a disadvantage because they do not take you seriously enough to grant a commitment.

    Credibility, then, is not a stand-alone subject.

    It too is based on three components:

    • i) Knowledge
    • ii) Confidence
    • iii) Integrity

    Exercise 3.2. Factors of credibility

    Answer the following questions:

    1. What are ways to establish credibility?
    2. How do you show a business-like approach?
    3. What are the suggestions for maintaining a professional appearance?

    Professional Appearance

    How to create a professional appearance?
    How to maintain it?

    Since appearing professionally contributes towards establishing credibility, let us look at two things that support it:

    confident body language
    good grooming.

    Exercise 3.3. Professional appearance

    Let us suppose that you are an image consultant, employed by a pharma company to advise new sales reps:

    Write standards for professional appearance for them.

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