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    New Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Guide Module 8: Handling Objections

    Somehow, when we talk about selling, the most dreaded part is handling objections. In fact, what held many people back from joining sales is having to face objections.

    But don't tell me that you have never faced a single objection during your lifetime. Perhaps, you handle it differently, but you know what it is like, right?

    For now, for the sake of the new pharma sales reps, just take objection as HCP being engaged in the discussion:
    handling medical sales objection


    Upon completing Module 8 - Handling objections, you can:
    • a) Handle technical objections
    • b) Handle competition objections


    Objections come in many forms. In this module, you'll be looking at two of the most common complaints - technical and competition.

    This module is summarized as follows:
    • a) Handle technical objection
    • b) Handle competition objection


    When facing objections, it is very tempting to point out where the HCPs are wrong, in short, to argue with them.

    If you win the argument, you'll feel good.

    But feeling good does not translate, in this case, to profit.

    We are not in the business of proving people wrong.

    A more desirable approach is redirecting the conversation to something more positive.

    Steps In Handling Technical Objections:
    • 1. Clarify
    • 2. Acknowledge
    • 3. Respond
    • 4. Check


    A closer look at the mechanic of the 'respond' phase reveals these steps:
    • 1. Show product features and benefits that refute or minimize the objection.
    • 2. Use third party info to emphasize any claim.
    • 3. Restate the related feature and benefit of the product.

    Exercise 8.1. Responding

    Prepare a response to the objection below using the three steps.

    Focus on 'responding.'

    Objection 1:

    "I can't believe that you can treat a lower respiratory tract infection in only 5 days."


    Objection 2:

    "I hear that your product is expensive."


    Objection 3:

    "Drug B have terrible side effects. Will, my patients have problems taking your drug?"



    Competition objections are objections that HCPs indicates satisfaction with a competitor's product.

    This type of objection requires the use of a "Basic Difference Technique."

    It involves three steps:
    • 1. Express respect for the HCP choice
    • 2. Prove that your product is as good as or superior. Then, provide additional benefits unique to your product.
    • 3. Check.

    Let's look at a brief example:

    HCP: Well, I know Drug X is on the hospital formulary here, but I usually use Drug Y.

    Express respect
    REP: That's understandable. Drug Y is effective.

    REP: As you can see, (showing a table of comparative status), Drug X is a broader spectrum drug, including indication for pneumonia due to H.flu, with better overall H.flu coverage. Besides, Drug X offers the advantage of no drug-drug interactions and a simple 5-day regimen, with greater compliance and patient satisfaction.

    REP: How does Drug X sound so far, Dr?


    When proving, you can use a basic.formula:

    show the similarities between products
    show the difference where your product is superior

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