Improve Sales Reps Ability With Public Speaking Class

Whenever I heard about the public speaking class and how it can improve sales reps ability, I'll think of my short involvement with a multilevel marketing company 9 years ago.

I signed up as a distributor for that particular company and was exposed to its educational materials.
One of them is a recording by a guy named Randy Shroeder...

Public speaking class
...and I think he's still around. The last time I heard of him was from a YouTube video, promoting Agel - vitamin in a gel. Anyway...

Randy, in one of his recordings, said, "Do you have to be a public speaker to do this business? And the answer is: NO! Absolutely not. I'm not a public speaker, but here I am. I'm part of this business.
"But does someone have? YES! Someone needs to know how to speak well in public to convey the message effectively to your audience," and he continues from there.

And mind you, this is a multilevel marketing company. What more if it was a pharmaceutical company, right?

Nah! Not necessarily...

That's the point why I bring up the issue of taking public speaking classes. These classes will enhance the innate ability that reps already have, mainly, presentation ability.

And you know very well that sales reps do many presentations during their day to day interaction. When they know how to present effectively, they can minimize every opportunity that they have.
A pharma company I worked with used to run a public speaking class every Friday evening, before the participants engaged in their weekend activities...

I attended a Toastmaster's meeting in my area once. Yeah, I'm particularly proud of that meeting because, even as a guest, I won the "best table topic speaker" for the day.

And it was my first attempt...

In that particular event, I remember that I was reading Dale Carnegie's material on public speaking, and I thought of putting what I've learned to test.

So, when my turn was up, what I did was precisely like Dale suggested: I make my points and support them with stories.

But more important than learning how to make the point and telling the story, I learned how to be more confident...

...and that is very, very IMPORTANT!

Confidence is the difference between making an effective and sloppy presentation. I can say that "Nothing sells better than a confident sales person."

Do you think you can use extra confidence in your sales job?

Now, about that public speaking class...

I do believe that some reps have read about how to speak in public, what they need to do before speaking, while they're talking and after they talk.

That's great, but that's just the map...

...and "The map is not the territory," said NLP presupposition (I'm not getting into the detail on that. Not now anyway...).

What you're facing in a real presentation is nothing like what you read from books or listen to recordings.

It's a different monster altogether...

It was quoted millions of times that the fear of public speaking, comes second after the fear of death. But sadly, I still couldn't find the real source of this info...

...but it doesn't make it less credible, in my opinion. If that's so, doesn't it make sense to learn how to deliver an effective presentation to the public?

You'll learn many valuable skills from such classes, and like I said earlier, the most important thing is, the course builds confidence.

Take, for example, the skill of telling the story. It makes me a table topic champion for a local Toastmaster meeting, but to a more significant extent, it can save a life!

Hard to believe?

This is not "gun to the head" situation, but something close to it.

A long time ago, in Baghdad, a King was about to execute a minister for his wrongdoing. But in actual fact, the minister had done nothing wrong - he was framed!

But he can't escape from the King's order...

His daughter was gravely saddened by this, and she had something up her sleeve, so, she went to see the King.

She spoke her mind, and somehow, the King agreed to her request.

That night, they met at the King's chamber, and the minister's daughter set out to do what they've talked about earlier: she told the King stories...

...stories so compelling that they make the King postponed the execution order and let the smart lady finished all them...

...all 1000 of them! And that's one thousand nights, mind you.

That's the power of compelling stories. You can learn them from attending public speaking classes.

And that's not all...

I'll emphasize this point, again and again, if I must, that the most essential benefit of learning how to speak in public is increased self-confidence.

What a more confident you can achieve?

Chew on that for a moment. And start building confidence, one class at a time...

Sell Well:-)!


  1. It is true that public speaking ability will boost our confidence level of speaking in front of crowd. This skill will always be helpful and beneficial.

    And I must say that there is no doubt that public speaking classes will improve sales reps ability.

    Informative and interesting posting author. Thanks for sharing it online.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for leaving your thought here ...

      Medical sales reps will have to make product presentation before a public crowd and for sure, their performance presentation during sales meeting. All these require public speaking skills.

      Of course, it's silly to think that one need to be a public speaker to become a medical sales rep but like you said, the public speaking skill helps with confidence and winning the audience.

      And yes, I totally agree that public speaking classes help to improve their speaking ability and their performance as a whole.