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    Product Presentation

    How to do product presentation

    A product presentation is a crucial aspect of your sales job. This is the time when the rubber meets the road. Your previous preparation which includes creating good first impressions, directly and indirectly, is meant for presenting effectively. Your keys for how to introduce your product for sales presentations are to be a super focus and relevant to prospects.

    How To Create A Product Presentation

    By the end of this article, you should be able to:

    • a) Develop and deliver Impactful Opening Statement (IOS)
    • b) List products features and corresponding benefits
    • c) Develop skills to present products effectively

    Of all the steps in the selling process for sales representatives, this is the step they must rehearse the most. It could be the turning point where prospects turn to buyers, where apathetic turn to interested, and resigned to attentive.

    The tool is ready at your disposal - your words and more importantly, how you deliver them.

    Impactful Opening Statement

    Impactful opening statements zoom in on the most essential benefit to prospects.

    From the info gathered in the previous selling technique, you have determined or predicted what could be valuable and beneficial to them, offered through your product. You can now weave this into opening statements.
    Impactful opening statements
    Your three components for creating opening statements with impact:

    1. A specific need
    2. A solution
    3. Product name

    Gaining prospects' interest

    There are times when you can use the opening statement together with questions or comments about the prospect's business.

    For example:

    You: I understand you're serving a lot of new, elderly folks these days?
    Prospect: Yes. That new retirement community has brought in quite a few new people.

    Then you link an issue of your prospect to the problem to be presented.

    Now, you're able to smoothly introduce the prospect's problem and complete the opening statement.


    You: When dealing with elderly customers, it's essential to gain their trust and ensure that they'll be well taken care of.


    You: A useful service with a full-time support system provides them with maximum flexibility and success.

    Product name

    You: Mr. Prospect, our Service X fits this profile exactly!

    Paint a prospect's picture

    It has proven to be very useful and practical when you can create an image of a specific customer when introducing a need.

    In the previous example for Service X, the picture was 'elderly folk.' This is effective for the salesperson who was focusing on a need for service providers created by the influx of elderly prospects.

    Prospects' Benefits

    Prospect benefits
    There are basically 5 main benefits that capture prospects' interest:

    • 1) Product effectiveness: How well the product solve the problem?
    • 2) Prospect compliance: Prospect finds it easy to thoroughly walk through the solution.
    • 3) Product safety: Lower risk or lesser adverse events from using the product.
    • 4) Tolerability: The better patients feel from using the product or service, the better it is.
    • 5) Cost-effective

    Additional features and benefits

    Here are some points to consider when presenting other features and benefits

    • a) Emphasize benefits, benefits, and benefits
    • b) List as many as required to gain prospect interest
    • c) Prospect looks for solutions, not products

    For any given features, ask "so what?" at the end of them will lead you to their benefits.

    Deliver The Presentation

    What you say is important ...

    ... How you say, it is even more significant.

    When you present, pay close attention to your enthusiasm, clarity, sincerity, and confidence.
    Deliver presentation
    The following simplified checklist includes four abilities and observable behavior on how you deliver your presentation:

    Delivery checklist

    1) Enthusiasm
    Observe: tone modulated, smile

    2) Clarity
    Observe: clear explanation, logical flow, well-paced, clear pronunciation, a suitable choice of words

    3) Sincerity
    Observe: looked at audience, believable message

    4) Confidence
    Observe: projected voice, upright posture, gestures congruent with the message

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