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    5 Strategies For Tiles Sales

    As a tiles supplier, like this one here, your most important task is to increase sales, month after month. There could be countless reasons why your tiles sales are down and the footfall in the shop isn’t enough, neither is the seasonal sales dip because of the holiday finishing or anything else.

    How Profitable Is A Tile Business?

    You can forecast a profit margin of 7 to 10 percent for the sample-based tiles business. This profit margin is reasonably striking because of it low-risk small business operation. A profit margin of 12 to 18 percent can be expected in a bigger, stock-based tiles business model.

    While it is recommended to expect very minimal to profitless operation in the first one to three years, there are tile stores that reported securing profit of more than $50,000 for their first year. Typically, profits for tiles business starts to see a steady incline, as the owner's knowledge and understanding of the industry starts to increase.

    In the late 70's and during the 80's tiles became popular and started being used in many projects for kitchens and bathrooms. Then there was a steady decline of their usage for whatever reasons. But lately, the tile countertops are making their comeback.

    Trend For Tiles

    Introduced and rolled out in 2022, the Jewel-toned colors are the riposte to overused neutrals and bright whites. Teal, mustard yellow, and even rust-colored tiles have been winning the attention of buyers already this year, according to a store owner. It doesn't cost that much for tones like these to bring about the impact too.

    Terrazzo styles stir the latest specked tile display. This trend keeps recurring, and creates a pleasurable, animated effect for indoor and outdoor rooms. From oversized to fine flecks, and small tiles to large slabs, the terrazzo effect gives a unique, retro-inspired style possibilities.

    According to some experts, when it comes to the most popular tiles patternSubway tiles are probably the most popular. Most regularly, users organize subway tile in a brick layout pattern, but these are not the only tile's type that can be organized as such.

    For the past 10 years or so, tiles usage has gaining momentum, despite facing resistance during the pandemic, flawlessly imitating the hottest wood outlooks, and growing into new territories with the most creative shapes, looks, and patterns in the flooring segment. In 2022, things are getting even more exciting with countries' border slowly opening, and property businesses are gaining momentum.

    Top Tips to Increase Sales of Tiles Store

    1. Use printed materials - brochures, leaflets - provided by the manufacturer that highlight the key points or stories for the products is an important part of the tile business
    2. Get the referrals, endorsement and testimonies from satisfied customers
    3. Pay attention to the current marketing strategies and tactics
    4. Under promise and over deliver
    5. Provide assurance for purchase made

    Strategies for tiles sales

    Whatever the situation is, you need to stay focused and have a one-point agenda to get sales up.

    Five More Ways on How to Increase Your Sales of Tiles

    First, you must remember that when it comes to tiles, they aren’t just like any commodity. They are a lifestyle statement for most people and something to show off for buyers. Therefore, as you and your team go about trying to increase sales, remember what the tiles mean to the buyer.

    1. Make an impression with the display

    The first impression or the story the potential buyers has of the tiles is essential. So, help build it up. As soon as a person walks into your place, he or she must be totally impressed by the surroundings. All this becomes part of the mental story of the tiles.

    The display must be customized with each product series displayed in codes or catalogs that are branded, holding the tiles upright. The brand must be given its due place in the display. The aim here is to leave a lasting impression on the customer even after they leave.

    2. Create your own occasions and holidays

    Most sales of tiles are made around significant opportunities like buying new house day, Christmas or the likes. So rather than waiting for an event, create your own and just celebrate your own holidays to increase sales throughout the year.

    Celebrate red ribbon day, rose day, give your man a gift day or anything else. People like holidays and if you create noise about it, you will get footfall, and that means more chances of sales.

    3. Connect with the buyer

    Remember customer service is key to selling tiles. Listen to what the customer requires and needs. Don’t push your own choice on him or her. Brief your sales team to be extra polite and patient, even when the customer simply wants to try out 15 different styles.

    Make sure their experience is pleasant and personalized and ask them who they want the tiles for, and what the occasion is. Let them feel comfortable and taken care of.

    4. Don’t lower prices

    When it comes to tiles, some buyers brand them as luxury and aspiration items. So if you reduce costs or throw in too much discount, buyers will no longer value them as precious but just another material thing.

    This is more or less like buying silver when it cost the same as wood. Tiles have a value tag assigned
    to them and that is what matters the most.

    5. Be social and be online

    Even if you don’t want to sell your tiles online, you must have an online presence. Most buyers today will do their research at home and then come to just buy the pipes outside.

    Therefore, have a steady stream of social activity. Use your online platforms to post photos of them and create clickable links in case an interested buyer needs to place an order.

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