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Sales skills and techniques blog is about adding value. It's about respect. It's about quality and humor. Initially, this blog exists to discuss 'what,' 'why,' and 'how' pharma sales rep can do their job better, serving Healthcare Providers (HCPs), serving the pharmaceutical industry, and add more values to every sale call made.

You can say it's about building a career as a medical sales rep.

But things do not stay static. In the pharma industry especially, things change pretty fast. What used to deliver high value five years, even a year ago, seems to have lost its touch today.

And that calls for a dynamic approach to deliver sales results and to increase performance.

Another interesting thing to note also is, the public is paying more attention to the subject related to pharmaceutical selling. Perhaps, this got to do with the issue touches an integral part of their life - health and, indirectly, finance (because medicine cost money!) thus I including information that applies to those issues as well.

And not to forget the job seekers out there. They are either looking for a fresh, new career, or they are looking for a better avenue to build a future career, and they come here for information.

It looks (and sounds) like a lot that I need to deliver with my writing, but I am only ONE man. I could not be everything to everybody. I'll write what and how I see things from my point of view. But it's far from being the only way, or the right direction. That's the reason why I really welcome visitor's interaction on the subject discussed in an article written herein.

I can't make the interaction perfect, but I sure hope we can keep it coming. It's easier (and cheaper) to learn in such a way too, don't you think?

In short, Contrarian Sales Techniques blog does not ONLY talk about how medical reps can make more sales, but it also touches on subjects that deem important to ordinary folks because, at the end of the day, this blog is written by a human for human :-)

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