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    Tips For Successful Sales Call

    You have covered the fundamentals when you plan your sales call strategy. You have looked at how to gathering relevant information, getting into your customers' shoes and setting call objectives.

    Now, you're going to get some tips when you're developing your sales call strategy. You can call this 'my call plan' or anything that remind you of its purpose.
    Tips for successful sales call

    Tips To Make Killer Sales Call

    Here are a few things that you want to consider in your sales call strategy:

    Current situation of your prospects

    Look at what's going on in your prospect business currently and their working environment.

    • What are they using for your area of expertise or your target area?
    • Are they experiencing any problem?
    • Any opportunity that you can spot?
    • Any unmet business needs?


    It does not, by any measure, implies that you are there just to take advantage or that sort.

    What it means is, simply, to identify space that allows you to come in to partner with your prospects. It's a long term view of the situation.

    Q: Can you spot any opportunity to work together with them?

    Call objective

    • What do you expect from your call today?
    • What are your long term expectation?
    • Does your objective specific, result oriented and realistic?
    • Did you record it down?

    Call strategy

    Based on your sales call objective:

    • What message are you putting across your to your prospects?
    • What are the key points?
    • Any visual aids to use?
    • Any supporting documents you need to reinforce your statement?
    • What else do you need to get the message across effectively?

    Impactful opening

    What can you say at the opening of the sales call, to pull your prospects attention in?
    How can you get their worthy time and attention?

    Potential resistance

    • What could possibly stop you dead in your track?
    • What could be the roadblock or possible roadblock?
    • What have stopped them in the past?
    • What's stopping them now?
    • What might stop them later?


    • What question you can ask to qualify your prospects?
    • What can you ask to manage their perception?
    • What can you ask to bring their attention away from roadblock to your key message?
    • What could you ask differently to move towards commitment?

    Asking for commitment

    It could be singing purchase order or as you have seen earlier, it could be asking for more info, to try your product or service, to attend free course or seminar, etc.

    Info to uncover

    • What did you learn from the call?
    • Can you see something obvious?
    • Did you have to assume things?
    • What did you get from the environment and support staffs?
    • Was it helpful?
    • What else do you need to know to make better sales call?

    Those were just some simple tips for a successful sales call that you can use when developing your call strategy. Some of those tips were taken from sales leaders guide to making sales calls that they have accumulated over the years. Use them when you plan your sales call strategy and you'll have a plan that works for sales.