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    Plan Your Sales Call Strategy

    Sales call strategy planning

    Sales call success strategy is one of the most essential parts of beginners' guide to auctions. You are going to look at tips to make killer sales calls that work. A typical prospect doesn't have much time to spare to talk to you in these modern days selling. That's why a well-planned call becomes more critical because you can make the most of your time on the field.

    Sales Call Success Strategy

    Planning your sales call does not have to be hard or complicated. It could be as simple as gathering info and design the flow of the request. What count is your key message gets through, and it sticks. To get to that, you want to start at the very beginning - understanding your targeted prospects.

    By the end of this article, you should be able to:

    • Identify the information you need before making the sales call
    • Identify the sources for your information.
    • Describe the concern of your typical prospect
    • Filter out useful info on your prospect from profile database and design question to uncover more info
    • Come up with specific, realistic, and result-oriented objectives for the sales call.
    • Develop a call plan to achieve the objectives

    Gathering Information

    There are three useful sources you can use to get the information when it comes to your targeted prospects. They are your Company's Database, prospects' work Environment, and their Support Staff.

    Q: What kind of info you could possibly gain from each source?

    Describe the Prospect's Perspective

    It's time to get into your prospect's shoes.

    Q: What does the prospect think of what you have?

    It might be useful if you remember that prospect wants to buy, but hate to be sold to!

    Q: How could you add value to your prospect?

    It's vital for you to get on to their side. People readily open to you when they feel that way. It shows you have understanding and empathy.

    Describe the general prospect's perspective

    Based on what you already know of your opportunity, describe:

    • Factors that affect your prospect time management
    • Other business concerns your prospects have
    • Prospects' typical customers' profile
    • Prospects' customers' needs
    • The role of prospects supports staff with regard to their business and customers.

    Describe individual prospect's perspective

    You are going to make a list based on 2 things:

    1. Some of the info may be obvious to you based on the given resources. Put them under 'What I Know.'
    2. Some info you need to gain by reading between the lines. Put them under 'What I Surmise.'

    You then create a two columns table, with the header for each, and cover these subjects (put them in rows):

    • a) A special area of interest
    • b) Circle of influence
    • c) Other interests
    • d) Frequent referrals
    • e) Affiliations

    Is there other info you need?

    How and Where could you get it?

    Prospects' perspective influence selling

    Successful selling, more often than not, revolves around you effectively manage prospects' perspectives and attitudes that spring from it. You want to consider it as part of your sales call success strategy. There are 3 useful areas for you to look into:

    • 1) Their attitudes towards companies and industry in general
    • 2) Their past experience dealing with both
    • 3) Their purchasing habits

    Plan Your Sales Call Strategy

    The primary purpose of planning your sales call strategy is to anticipate what you might encounter during the actual sales call. The planning process involves 4 steps:

    1. Reviewing available information
    2. Objective setting
    3. Develop a strategy
    4. Rehearse

    Set the objective

    This will be primarily based on what you expect to achieve from meeting the prospect.

    Q: What commitment you're expecting?

    List what you expect to achieve. Think long term

    You probably would not meet your expectation from a single visit. That's why it's essential to have a long term view of things. You can incrementally work towards achieving your objectives, as long as you're clear of what they are.

    These include:

    • a) Wanting more info about your products or services
    • b) To test your products or services
    • c) To use your products for specific function first
    • d) To recommend your products to peers

    Meaningful objectives

    Q: What makes an objective significant?

    For you to have meaningful objectives, they must, at least, cover 3 aspects:

    • 1) The specific - purpose is focused and concrete
    • 2) Result-oriented - it might enlist specific action you want the HCP to take
    • 3) Realistic - it must not be wishful thinking. It must be practical and real enough for them

    If you reached this part, you've already learned useful tips for a successful sales call. You can only reap the benefits if you put them into practice. That's one decision only you can make. Make that decision and lift your sales skill to earn more commission. 

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