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    Best Ways To Encourage Repeat Business

    It is always easier to sell to past customers 
    than to a brand a new one

    As the marketing adage goes, it is always easier to sell to past and present customers than to brand a new one, more so when you're aiming to increase sales rates in a short time.

    The question is how to promote repeat business in a B2C business that depends on getting people into the store. 

    Here are some different brands that manage to get repeat business and how your company can implement these ideas too. 

    Note that there is a correlation between the amount a customer spends on their first purchase and the number of repeat buyers. 

    A customer who spends more on his first purchases becomes a repeat buyer, as opposed to those who spend less. 

    Finding a buyer who will spend more the first time is easy and cheap, but new customers are fragile.

    They are used to being dissatisfied with the product, waiting too long for delivery, or experiencing discomfort during their purchase or sale. 

    New customers are also more likely to go back to a store if they have a good experience and are unhappy about a product. 

    • Use social media and email marketing

    The best way to market your existing customers is to use social media and email marketing. 

    If you don't want to bombard them with a sales pitch, don't forget to keep promoting them. Creating promotions for new customers would be a better way to turn shoppers into regular customers.

    Use social media and email marketing tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest to build relationships and engage customers. Use these tools to build relationships with your customers and connect with them to foster an emotional connection with your brand.

    Facebook remarketing ads are a great way for such campaigns to reward shoppers for their patronage.

    You can personalize the customer experience on your own website, and you can also use targeted comments to show customers relevant ads while they browse. 

    For example, if you know you are being eyed by them, you can mark a remarketer ad on the page you visit to put an item on your wishlist. 

    Also tell your customers about the promotions, special offers, and sales that will entice them to your website and buy your new products and services. When they return to the store to use coupons or write a review, they become regular customers. 

    Customer reviews build trust and provide social proof that conversions are possible for returning customers. 

    There are countless ways to increase repeat sales with your customers, from social media to the use of user data - from generated content to coupons and promotions. 

    Take advantage of the customer experience and attract new customers, and encourage past customers to reengage with your business and improve the product or service they purchased. 

    Sometimes people don't like your business because of your marketing system, and you have to fight for it. 

    Your company must stand up for what it stands for, not only in terms of its product or service but also in terms of its customer service. 

    To properly engage with your clients, you might want to use an evaluation tool like TrustSpot, but keep the expert advice in mind and build your retention program from there. 

    Start by reviewing your own metrics to find out what has been most effective for each customer. This helps you to identify potential problems and to be able to track, read, and respond to reviews as soon as a customer writes one. 

    Email marketing is great because it allows business owners to include promotional information and helps you develop a more intimate relationship with your customers. 

    You can use your email list to keep customers up to date with your current activities, share personal and business stories, and include information about promotions and special events to help people get back into your business. 

    • Offer special discounts to your best customers

    Another way to encourage repeat business is to offer special discounts to your best customers, those with a history of loyalty. 

    When you show up in a customer's inbox, you are a sign that they trust your brand and want to promote the relationship. There are many ways you can do this to help your business gain more regular customers. 

    You can also score points by performing promotions reserved exclusively for past buyers. 

    For example, an Eyes - Only email business makes you part of a list that is only available to current and former customers of the company, while encouraging purchase. 

    Most e-commerce companies can attract new customers by offering free shipping, discounts on their products, and free delivery. 

    ModCloth is committed to personally complimenting each customer on the quality of the product, customer satisfaction with the service, and overall experience with its customers. 

    Customers do not always buy right away, but if they like your product, this is one of the best ways to get it back on your website. 

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