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    9 Techniques That Lead To Successful Selling With Almost Every Market

    Successful selling techniques
    Sales are all about human interaction and the building of relationships, however, too often, salespeople just follow their natural instinct and believe that sales are all about convincing the buyer about how great their product or service is.

    There are different selling techniques through which you can improve sales to get the business to where it is supposed to be in terms of success. These techniques are not listed in their order of importance. They complement each other. Depending on the Sales Process where the salesperson is at, one method becomes more relevant than the other.

    1. Sales planning technique

    This is key. Many productive salespeople are familiar with the concept "If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail." You'll also find that most of them, in fact, do the contrary yet they're still thriving. If you look close enough, you can see that those successes are lucky breaks. "If you leave your result to chance, you'll get chances results" or "Chances favor the prepared mind."

    Being prepared is the best way to operate your sales effort. Planning your sales call does not have to be hard or complicated. It could be as simple as gathering info and design the flow of the request.

    1.1 Your selling technique should cover these areas to be successful:
    • identify the information you need before making the sales call
    • identify the sources for your information
    • describe the concern of your typical prospect
    • filter out useful info on your prospect from profile database and design question to uncover more info
    • come up with specific, realistic and result-oriented objectives for the sales call
    • develop a call plan to achieve the objectives

    2. The right opening to a sales call technique

    In short, it's the technique in selling in regards to creating a favorable impression. The concept of AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action - is where this selling technique is rooted. It takes care of the 'attention' part, and it is one of the essential methods.

    2.1 Here are your 3 keys to creating good first impressions:
    • develop rapport
    • established credibility
    • professional appearance

    3. Product presentation technique

    In selling, the presentation takes many forms and happens at every stage of the Sales Process. Presenting product or service well is an essential technique in selling salespersons needs to develop early and as strong as they possibly can. The dynamic change as they move ahead of a Sales Cycle. These days, show and tell are not enough.

    Of all the steps in the selling process for sales representatives, this is the step they must rehearse the most. It could be the turning point where prospects turn to buyers, where apathetic turn to interested, and resigned to attentive.

    3.1 To successfully sell, you should be able to:
    • develop and deliver strong Opening Statement (OS)
    • list products feature and corresponding benefits
    • develop skills to present products effectively

    4. The technique to justify the sales message

    It's actually not adequate for making statements, uttering points and stats without having the capability to demonstrate that it is based upon data or substantial evidence. This is becoming more imperative in today's hyper-competitive business environment. Why your solution stands apart from your competitors? Why are you saying so? Do you have anything to back you up?

    Prospects prefer the evidence-based selling approach thus making this technique a valuable selling technique to develop.

    4.1 This selling technique requires you to:
    • prove key message with reprints
    • employ visual aid effectively
    • prove message during your product presentation

    5. Check the prospect for buy-in technique

    Did the prospects have confidence in what you show and tell? Or do you employ the most common tricks previously devised that says, "If you cannot convince them, on them? If you cannot con them, confuse them!"? It is still commonly utilized even during the present day selling ecosystem, but the difference is, these days, prospects can smell 'con' salespeople from miles away, thanks to lightning speed communication technology.

    5.1 Checking for buy-in selling technique requires you to pay attention to the prospects - their body language and responses.
    • assess verbal and nonverbal clues
    • probe for more info
    • move towards commitment

    6. Handling objections/addressing concern technique

    It is almost natural that your prospects have the tendency to put aside your proposition. It's like a 'knee jerk' reaction. Thus, it is an essential selling skill for the modern salesperson to learn how to handle prospects' objections and move ahead in the sales process.

    6.1 Here are 4 steps you want to cover in handling objections:
    • clarify
    • acknowledge
    • respond
    • check

    6.1.1 When responding to prospect, you should be able to:
    • show product features and benefits that refute or minimize the objection.
    • use third party info to emphasize any claim.
    • restate the related feature and benefit of the product.

    7. Getting the commitment technique

    This is closing the sales technique. Many salespeople make this their only objective in a day-to-day sales call. If you are one of them, you know the kind of pressure this creates just thinking about question after question your sales manager going to throw at you if you miss the plan.

    7.1 Commitment should be specific, results-oriented and realistic. You want your prospect to do something.
    • remind the prospect of the benefits you've discussed during your presentation
    • highlight the affirmative which reinforce their receptivity and prepare them to 'Yes.'
    • builds your confidence and conviction, preparing you to ask for a commitment

    8. Follow-up after a sales call technique

    You go back to prospects on their concern or request, to provide facts and data as promised, to prepare for event or program, etc. Follow up selling technique can be the missing link among the representatives who maintain and perform well from the representative who makes it a big one or two times then vanish.

    8.1 Selling technique for following-up a sales call consists of two components:

    • record your call
    • analyze your call

    8.1.1 Follow upstarts with recording your call. There is specific info that needs to be registered, not all, but specific info.

    8.1.2 Analyzing a call works better if you have a system. It might be daunting, initially, but as time goes on, it will become second nature.

    Successful selling techniques begin with identifying the steps which are working and steps which are not working. Having your own strategic plan will help you to keep track of your sales performance. It will help you to improve your weaknesses while strengthening your core skills.

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