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    Long Pants For Male Medical Sales Reps: Slacks Or Khakis?


    As a male medical sales rep, I've stopped using slacks as my long pants for years now. I used khaki instead. The reason was rooted back in an incident, which I'm about to share with you...

    One day, I was preparing to go out for work, and I was choosing what to wear. I'm not particular about wearing special fashion on a given day but still, I want to look good...

    ...when I look good, I feel good!

    I was thumbing through my "limited" collection when I've finally decided to go with my dark grey slack and blue navy long sleeve.

    So, without having to force anybody to iron things out for me, the head of the family, I head to the iron board which situated one feet from the wardrobe.

    I heat up the iron and the slack was the first to go...

    I usually test the iron heat on the board, before I glide it on anything. But that day was different. I directly put the iron on my slack.

    And that's it!

    I "accidentally" create a penny size hole at the area below the zipper. What a bomber! There goes the slack...

    ...but the after-smell was pretty nice. I can tell you that.

    Of course, when things like this happened, I blamed everything except me ;-)

    I blame the iron for being too hot...

    ... I blame the slack's material for not being heat resistance...

    ... I blame my wife for not doing the ironing for me.

    So, everything got the blame, but not me. And that's the end of my slacks era. All my working long pants after that were "slack free".

    In fact, the only slack I owned right now is a part of my suite. That's all. I don't even have slack for non-office use.

    I only use khaki from that day on...

    ...and I believe it makes a better material for male medical sales reps. They can use it for office and casual function. In other words, it's quite versatile.

    Most importantly for me, I don't have to worry about getting it burned, especially, when I'm outstation. I can't bring my wife along during working trip, can I?

    And it's not desirable to bring her too, if you get what I mean ;-)

    So, khaki is my choice...

    Do you need to go for branded one?

    Absolutely up to you! You can go for Dockers, if your budget allow, but non branded khakis nowadays are as good as the branded counterpart...

    ...not to mention easier on your pocket too. You get comfort, style and spend less than you need to.

    But it all depend on your budget (I hope you have a budget, or else, I'll be nagging about that in the next post).

    That's the root for me not using slack as my working long pants anymore. Thanks to the iron, and the way the slack respond to its 'warmness', I now use only khaki long pants.

    Maybe, I'm based outside HQ so I'll take it that it's OK for me to fashion myself as such.

    I don't know, but enough burned slack for me. I can't imagine if I was out-stationed and I have only one pant...

    Quite a "disturbing" image if you asked me.

    So, what's your pick?

    PS. Go here to see my choice of sleeve for medical sales job.

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