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    New Medical Representative Online Sales Training At The Cost Of Your Internet Connection

    Are you a medical sales representative?

    Are you interested in becoming one?

    Are you just graduated and looking for a career?

    If you answered 'YES' to any of the questions above, I might have something for you.

    You see, being a salesperson for a pharma company offers excellent overall career benefits. You'll get paid well and perhaps, stand a high chance for career advancement.

    If you've been selling in the pharma industry for a while, you probably remember that the first few months, or some times, years, are the most challenging.


    Many companies, particularly start-up or smaller companies, did not provide enough training.
    This is understandable since there is a lack of resources, for example, training materials and manpower, to fill in the gap.

    The dilemma such pharmaceutical companies often face is:

    Take the fresh grads and pay them slightly lower, or take the experience reps and save on training cost.

    These are real kinds of stuff.

    The question is:

    Which yield better result - the fresh grads or the experience sales reps?

    No matter what the situation may be, I believe I have an available offer to make.

    Medical Sales Representative Beginners Online Sales Course

    That is the only bold phrase you'll see in this article. And it's done so for a reason - to get your attention.

    Did it get your attention?

    First, I recommend you click it (it links directly to the page). On the page, you'll see what's on the menu. The whole course outlines and serves for you on a plate.

    Second, you have no cost to invest in getting with the online course and training, except, your time and energy, which could be wasted on something else.

    Third, with the world wide web, this could be the most cost-effective training taking place online, where you get to change notes, share experience and contribute.

    Compare that to the thousands of dollars you need to invest for the same course offline:

    Would you rather do this instead?

    Most of the newer generations are on the internet most of the time anyway, so this structure is just like an extension to their social media, like Twitter or Facebook.

    But the core difference is:

    They got to learn and train while they're at it!

    This whole scheme is really a low cost, low-risk training strategy. My main aim is to provide simple yet effective beginners' sales training materials.

    You can opt to go to Amazon and browse through the throng of authors and their products, related to pharmaceutical sales.

    But remember this:

    The book is only their ticket to get you into sales courses or training workshops that they offer.

    I'm not saying that it's wrong to do so.

    In fact, I might take the same path down the road, but I would not let getting off on the right foot get in the way for medical representative beginners.

    I know how it's like to be on the field, the uncharted territory without a clear map.

    That's why I'm offering this pharma sales free training.

    I don't expect piles of 'Thank You' notes coming my way. I feel honored if sales reps benefit hugely from it.

    Well, I already feel honored when you just click the link to check it out.

    I flag, at least, three groups of people who will benefit from the free eCourse:

    new medical sales reps
    new grads wanting to join pharma sales
    job seekers looking for career change to pharmaceutical sales.

    I don't know. Others probably can benefit from the course too.

    Why not pay a quick visit by clicking the link, and tell me what you think.

    I hope I've made your click worthwhile.

    Here's the link once again to save you from scrolling up: link to free medical representative eCourse

    Medical Representative Training: In Search For Quality, Free Course Online

    It's a general notion that quality and free, especially online course, does not go together. When it comes to the medical representative, in particular, this notion is further aggravated.

    Who will put the trust in such a high profile sales job but molded through free training?

    That might be the case ...

    ... But that's not a defining factor to determine whether a course is a quality one or otherwise.

    People go online for so many reasons nowadays.

    Information is abundance, and it's only fingertips away:

    Patients go online to read about disease and medical condition
    Doctors go online to manage patients or share their knowledge
    Pharmaceutical companies go online to educate and promote, perhaps, both doctors and patients.

    When medical representatives go online, other than shopping like millions of public, they might be looking for ways to improve their performance.

    I know because I just did!

    Even after a decade of being a rep, I still go online to look for ways to improve my performance. But I firmly believe that there's no better place to focus on improving, other than in the beginning.

    Yes! ...

    ... The beginning of pharma sales career is imperative to chart the rep's course to success.

    To get over the starting barrier is what many reps have to go through, and succeeded in doing so almost guaranteed success throughout the career.

    The question then:

    How do you make a good start?

    Some companies might have an internal training program in place.

    They might have bought the licensing right to the materials and got people trained in it.

    But the pharmaceutical industry does not stay static, does it?

    How prepared is a company when change comes?

    Half prepared?

    Well prepared?

    Not prepared?

    For example, when a drug from the company faces patent expiration, how ready it is to meet that?

    Do the reps ready too?

    Does it prepare to restart?

    These are the reality of today's selling in pharma sales:

    Companies are no longer immune to drastic change. While not changing is not an option, starting with the right way is. That's why I decided to bring forth the free training for a medical sales rep. I initially target the beginners for it, but I soon realize that having to start from ground zero is the norm, even for seasoned reps.

    In this changing and trying times, medical representatives have little room for negotiation ...

    ... The good news is, this online training is convenient, targeted and free!

    And we come to the defining question now:

    Does quality stuff have, at least, those three criteria?

    Can this free training offered in a blog be of quality?

    I say convenient because participants can access the materials anytime, anywhere, as long as the internet connection allows ...

    ... I say targeted because I don't think flag sales reps from other industry to join unless they're thinking of changing the industry ...

    ... I say free because that is how much many beginners and, should I say starters', willing to pay for to be trained ;-)

    I know that training is tough:

    I don't want to make it more robust than it already is.

    I know we can work together and learn from each other to make this heavy burden lighter.

    No training is a success on its own - it takes two to tango.

    If you paid arms and legs for training, there's no guarantee that you'll produce the desired outcome. Not to belittle anybody, starting free is risk-free! You got so little, if any, to lose.

    But if you really get on with the training, chances are good that you'll improve.

    How much?

    Well, YOU get to decide.


    1. Sales coaching are often powerful. No, i do not mean for the trainer though that may be powerful yet. (As a sales trainer for the last twenty six years I will vouch for the effortfulness of the job!) truly, I mean for the trainees themselves.

      1. Hi there! Thanks for leaving your thought here ...

        Yes, coaching in sales can be a powerful element to improve performance. But the way I see it, only big companies can afford to have a proper coaching program in place.

        Without a proper program, coaching or any medical sales rep training is not worthwhile. But have you read a question I posed the other day? It goes like this,"Which is more damaging: you train people and they leave or you don't train them and they stay?"

        How would you answer that my honorable ex-trainer?

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    3. According to me or as an Individual I think that internet learning is good platform to learn something. I prefer internet learning over the offline methods. 

      Online sales course nz

      1. Hi there Jacy Johan ...

        Yup, that's one way to look at learning something using the internet. Whatever works for you ya.

        Thanks for visiting.

        Oh! Are you by any chance attached to Learning Planet?

        I had to ask ...

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      1. I have no idea what you're talking about md mahabub but anyway ... I appreciate you stopping by and share something here. Thanks.

    5. It would facilitate the weight on offices in customary Colleges and Universities, create the accomplished paper help citizenry required for national advancement and change over the current pyramidal shape into a 'close' barrel.

      1. Huh?!! No idea what you're referring to S Jaden but thanks for stopping by and take the time to comment herein. Thanks.

    6. I say convenient because participants can access the materials anytime, anywhere, as long as the internet connection allows ...

    7. I do not know how it will all go, it seems to me that it is best to visit doctors not through the network, but in hospitals


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