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    Sales Call Success Strategy

    What should be included in a good sales call strategy? A good strategy starts with effective pre-call sales planning. You'll go through keys for developing and planning a sales call in this post.
    Sales call strategy

    Plan Your Sales Call Strategy

    A good plan looks at the current situation of the prospects. These 4 questions help you get on the right track fast:

    • What are your prospects using right now?
    • Are they experiencing any problems?
    • Can you recognize an opportunity?
    • Can you identify any unmet needs?

    You can ask yourself these questions during your pre-call sales planning. If you seek guidance from a good sales leader on making sales calls, you'll be asked these questions, and then you'll be asked to set your call objective.

    Set your sales call objective

    Here are a set of questions to help you plan the purpose for your sales call:

    1. What do you expect from your request today?
    2. What is your long term expectation?
    3. Does your objective specific, result oriented and realistic?
    4. Did you record it?

    Now, based on your call objectives, you can outline your sales call strategy.

    Sales call strategy and example

    You've set your call objectives. You are moving to the next stage where you'll outline your sales call plan. To get you going, here are 5 questions you can ask to map out your strategy:

    • What message are you putting across?
    • What are the key points?
    • Any visual aids to use?
    • Any endorsement or testimonials you need to reinforce your statement?
    • What else do you need to get the message across effectively?

    Example of a call plan

    Prospect: Mrs. Prospect

    Date: Date/Month/Year

    Current situation:
    Using Widget X to increase production to 15%. Not keen on using other widgets due to cost constraint and manpower constraint.

    To partner with Mrs. Prospect to provide staffs education program on how to operate a new widget. If possible, to put an expert as temporary staff on-site for troubleshooting.

    Call objective:
    To partner with a prospect on support program in 3 months

    Call strategy:
    Use the leave behind brochure and run a short, 15 minutes, a slide presentation on the support program.

    These are simplified best practices for a successful sales call strategy. You can drill them down to make them more specific and more suited for your industry needs or you can just stick to this outline because it already contains keys for calling that works for sales.
    Example of a call plan

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