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    Join Medical Sales Training Online Almost For Free

    Medical sales training online free (almost)

    Let's take a look at what you'll be covering when you join medical sales training online. 

    This online training is almost free of charge for you since the things you need to pay for are only your electricity and internet provider charge. 

    After that, you got to 'spend' some time implementing what you have learned.

    Here are what you'll be covering:

    • Steps of the Medical Selling Process
    • Questions on materials

    Medical Sales Online Training

    First, you're going to look at the steps of medical sales. 

    These steps vary depending on the Pharmaceutical Company you are with. 

    Some pharma companies have a very structured sales process while others just employ the 'spray and pray' selling method.

    Steps for Medical Selling

    Pharma companies selling methods

    The steps listed below cover, generally, most selling process used by pharma companies. They are:

    1. Preparing for the Sales Call

    i) Information gathering
    ii) Call plan

    2. Opening the Sales Call

    3. Presenting your products

    i) Benefit statements
    ii) Add on features and benefits

    4. Proving sales message

    i) Using reprints
    ii) Using visual aids

    5. Checking for buy-in

    i) Looking at verbal and nonverbal signs
    ii) Probing for more info
    iii) Move to commitment

    6. Objection handling

    7. Gaining commitment

    8. Bridging to other products

    9. Following up

    Questions on sample materials

    Please refer to the sample product brochure or detail aid, and answer these questions:

    Example of product brochure

    1. What do you think this product is prescribed for?

    2. How is it prescribed?

    3. Can you describe three features and related benefits for the product? 
    For example, long half-life that allows once a day dose [function], so it increases patients compliance since it's easy to remember the time to take medicine [benefit]

    4. Describe how this product differs compares to competitor A

    5. Describe how it differs corresponds to competitor B

    6. Describe how it differs corresponds to competitor C

    Make yourself familiar with other sales skills as listed on this blog. 

    Once you're familiar with their contents, you can explore relevant content under the 'Topic Covered' sidebar's menu where specific topics like Medical Sales and Pharmaceutical Sales are discussed in detail.

    Read Sales tips for medical sales reps.

    You can also ask questions, leave comments, or answers the questions of others in the Comment Box (like this one here with 18 comments and going).

    It's a place where you can interact with like-minded people on the subject. 

    Interaction definitely helps with your medical sales training online.

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