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    Medical Representative Skills

    Medical representative skills

    These 11 medical representative skills are the skills that one of the biggest medical devices companies used between 2003 and 2008. They help reps make better pitch when closing or equip them with better negotiation tactics. In short, these skills for selling help them, and perhaps you, sell better and sell more. The techniques are as follow.

    1. Pre-sales call planning

    Here are a few things that medical representative wants to consider in pre-sales call:

    i. Current situation of prospects
    ii. Look at what's going on in prospect business currently and their working environment.
    iii. Identify space that allows rep to come in to partner with prospects. It's a long term view of the situation.

    Can a medical rep spot any opportunity to work with prospect?

    2. Set strategic call objective

    i. What do medical representative expect from the sales call today?
    ii. What are the long term expectation?
    iii. Are the objectives specific, result oriented and realistic?
    iv. Did medical rep record it down?

    3. Successful sales call strategy

    Based on the sales call objectives:

    i. What message are put across to the prospects?
    ii. What are the key points?
    iii. Any visual aids to use?
    iv. Any supporting documents needed to reinforce statement?
    v. What else are needed to get the message across effectively?

    4. High impact call opening

    Good impressions lead to rapport and rapport leads to trust. Medical representative already know that trust is important in building relationship.

    Here are 3 keys for creating good first impressions:

    i. Develop rapport
    ii. Established credibility
    iii. Professional appearance

    5. Powerful sales presentation

    Reps should be able to:

    i. Develop and deliver Impactful Opening Statement
    ii. List products features and correspond benefits
    iii. Develop skills to present products effectively

    6. Justifying sales key messages

    MR are able to:

    i. Prove key message with reprints
    ii. Employ visual aid effectively
    iii. Prove message during product presentation

    7. Check for buy in

    Medical Representatives (MR) are able to:

    i. List verbal and non-verbal clues to receptivity
    ii. State how to use questions appropriately
    iii. Use verbal reinforcement to strengthen positive attitudes
    iv. Use trial close when positive response is indicated

    8. Addressing concern/handling objection

     Med Reps want to know how to:

    i. Handle technical objection
    ii. Handle competition objection

    9. Getting commitment

    So here are the 4 steps to getting a commitment:

    i. Summarize benefits
    ii. Ask for commitment
    iii. Thank the prospect
    iv. Present sample (when appropriate)

    10. Talking about other products

    Almost certainly, once you become a medical representative for a company, you will be selling multiple items.

    Except in cases where your bonus is reliant only on a single product, cross promoting or cross advertising should take place naturally.

    11. Follow up

    You go back to them about the un-answered query, to provide facts and data as promised, to prepare for event or program, etc. This can be the missing link among the medical representatives who are top performers from the reps who make it big one time and then disappear.

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