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    Moving Into January 2020

    10 days already passed. Now it's the 11th day of January 2020. How things have been for you so far? I hope they went well, or at least they have been close to what you have planned out.

    Every year, we hear folks want to start something or stop something or continue with something. If you've joined any form of goal setting exercise, and believe me, salespeople joined countless crap like that throughout their career, you probably are familiar with the Start, Stop and Continue exercise.

    Are you?

    If you're not, what it entails is basically identifying your actions that you want to stop doing, start anew or keep doing because they provide you with some favorable payoffs. In any case, the payoffs are the benchmarks.

    But you could have your own style of goal setting or stating what you want to happen in 2020, right?

    Many are so familiar with SMART strategy. You can Google that and learn a thing or two if you like.

    The main question remains though: How have these works for you so far? Did you get much out of them? Are you doing OK? Or you totally blew them?

    I know I had many things not going according to my plan but you know what, it's totally fine because I've learned a lot through such experience. I've set new beliefs or gain new knowledge, and I'm going forward with more confident feelings each time.

    And talk about feelings, they're going to be the main theme for me this year. I've misunderstood them and now, with very much info and new discoveries, I knew I can understand and apply them better to my daily life.

    What else is there?

    Well, let see what I'll come up with. Maybe like you, I'm curious to know myself...

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