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    Setting Your Selling Intention

    What do you want to accomplish from studying the tips and lessons on selling here? What're your "far-fetched" dreams? What would you aim for, if you knew you could not fail? Whatever they are, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

    By the way, have you shared something in the post about beginning to sell? Do share something because many will appreciate it.

    There are people who believe in the impossible. They think they can have, do or be anything they can imagine. It's for the most part, the way they live their lives. They love to think big. They also love to read about people who set "impossible" goals and achieve them. All that serves as proof that they have no known limit whatsoever.

    They think, what others have are mind-sets or limiting mental program. The Power Of Impossible Thinking authors wrote, "Mental models shape every aspect of our lives."

    All the lessons and tips have been made as easy to follow as humanly possible. I've personally filtered them out into something that can be easily digested and act upon.

    The rest is up to you.

    Are you ready to start?
    Setting Selling Intention Right

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