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    Sales Techniques In Real Estate Using Suggestive Selling And Upselling [In 2022]

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    Suggestive selling also called upselling, in the whole arsenal of sales techniques in real estate, is the process of influencing a prospect's purchase by tempting them with a specific offer, such as a discount on their purchase.


    Basically, it is a sales strategy to see if the seller can convince prospects to close higher with relevant suggestions.


    We’ll walk through this subject together by:

    • Looking at brief explanation for both
    • Discover their simple application
    • Touch a little bit about using technology for suggestive selling and upsell
    • Discuss very briefly on cross selling
    • And a tip or two on sales in general before we wrap it up


    You’ve heard I said this elsewhere that the only constant in this life is change, and that also applies to the broad subject of selling. The path to success with this profession whether you sell Real Estates or Medicines begins with accepting that we don’t know everything.


    That’s why we keep learning, like what you’re doing right now, by reading this article.


    To keep the momentum going, you’ll first read it, then you understand it, thereafter you put it to use. That’s how you improve.


    And without further ado …


    Using Suggestive Selling And Upselling As Sales Techniques In Real Estate


    What Is Suggestive Selling?

    Suggestive selling is a sales technique that encourages Real Estate Agents to get potential clients to include additional items or upgrades to their purchases. The aim is to convince them to buy items that they have not considered when entering the Sales Office or Exhibition Booth. 


    The pandemic is not over yet but we can move around quiet freely these days, can’t we?


    What Is An Upselling?

    An upsell is a sale that occurs after the buyer has been asked for a certain amount of time, such as an hour, a day, a week, a month, or even a year.


    Upselling and add-on sale are terms that are used interchangeably for suggestive sales.


    Suggestive selling, also known as an add-on, is a retail sales technique in which an agent or broker asks a potential customer if they want to include an additional items or services or recommend an upgrade for a fraction of the original price.


    Suggestive Selling And Upselling

    Suggestive sales are a more general notion, as proposals can include complementary goods and high-quality products. Basically, it refers to a technique used during a sale to convince a customer to add an additional item to their purchase.


    A classic example of suggestive sales is the question "Do you want fries with it?" which is asked to anyone who went to a well-known fast-food drive-through (you can readily tell which one, right?).


    This is beneficial, and it is also a very effective way of giving the customer the opportunity to think before leaving the show room about further finding out if there are any other things they like to own.


    Upselling is when sellers ask customers to spend more money on additional items or products to complement their basic purchase or ownership. The prospect is offered a certain item or service that goes beyond the basic piece of real estate he has already purchased. He or she might need time to search and explore, and the decision often comes afterward.


    If done right, it can be beneficial to all parties involved, as buyers get the best product or service they can get, while the developers or brokers can boost sales, increase basket sizes, and improve customer loyalty.


    Staff should read their sales leaflets well so they can inform customers if an item they like is on sale.


    Upselling can also be an upgrade, such as moving from coach to first class, but the aim of the sale is to slightly increase the total purchase price for the potential client.


    There are a number of upselling questions that can be used to increase prospects’ interest in a product or service, such as, "Do you like this with that?"


    The bottom line is that you have to engage them before they leave the showroom with a suggestive sale.


    If your sales representative offers potential customers with a complete solution, when they go home, they have improved that experience by offering them better real estates’ items or services.


    New Technologies For Suggestive Selling

    With the increasing complexity of digital advertising and the rise of mobile advertising, new technologies for suggestive sales represent a great opportunity for Real Estate Agents to maximize targeted advertising and marketing.


    A certain Developer has yielded closer to the 150 percent mark, and tailored promotions based on pre-ordered items, has a higher impact than static loops, making it more effective at marketing to a wider range of potential customers.


    Digital signage and purchase recommendations can lead to a 15 to 150 percent increase in sales.


    Cross-Selling And Upselling

    The Cross-selling technique is used by agents when the customer purchases a product that is often used in another article. The by-product is usually an accessory to the item that customers want to buy.


    To help your team quickly identify cross-sales opportunities, encourage them to pay attention to merchandising and displays to find products that fit together naturally.


    The more agents know what the company sells and what customers buy, the better they can suggest complementary items.


    One of the most significant barriers to be successful in selling Real estate to potential buyer is focusing more on yourself, as the salesperson, than to the customer in front of you.


    Sales are mostly about human interaction and building relationships but too often, salespeople just follow their natural instinct and believe that sales are all about convincing the buyers on how great their piece of estate is.

    The ability to sell a house, condo or shop lot is a critical skill for a person's or a developer's success. Even if you are an employee and works on a salaried position, your ability to present and market yourself has the potential to multiply your income.


    With the right marketing and selling techniques, you can position yourself at a place which you can demand a higher salary.


    The best thing about any technique, not only selling technique, is that it can be trained. A person can learn and develop those techniques through a proper training program.


    Conclusion To Suggestive Selling And Upselling In Real Estate Sales

    • Suggestive selling is more general
    • A Suggestive selling can also be called an upselling
    • When sellers ask customers to spend more money on additional items or products it is an upselling
    • Upselling can also take the form of an upgrade
    • Upselling and add - on selling are terms that are used interchangeably for suggestive selling
    • Cross-selling and upselling can, therefore, be identified as techniques in a comprehensive, suggestive sales strategy.


    How can you use suggestive selling technique to benefit your real estate business? 

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