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    My Choice Of Sleeve For My Medical Sales Rep Job


    I see an evolution in how I choose the kind of sleeve to wear for my medical sales job. It's nothing revolutionary or things like that, but it just evolve. Part of it is due to matching.

    You see, I am a very simple person. I like to keep thing simple because it frees me from so many things to think about. Maybe the same goes to you: you want to avoid overworked or clutter.

    But anyway...

    I've talked about the kind of detailing bag and long pants I'll go for, almost every time, and right now, I'm going to compliment this grooming subject with the kind of sleeve to go with them...

    ...sort of making it a complete working fashion package.

    Sort of...

    From the earliest time that I could recall, my choice of sleeve was always plain-colored sleeve. I never had, those days, sleeve with more than two colors. No Sir!

    The first sleeve I've ever use was during primary school days. It was short sleeve and plain white color.

    OK. It's a school uniform. What do you expect, right?

    Then I moved to secondary school. Same thing goes but this time, I got to wear long, blue color sleeve. Pretty neat!

    And as far as the choice of material, well, my Mom did all the shopping, and cotton is the material for school uniform. Not much choice there...

    Then, enter first working year...
    man in suit

    As I was based outside my state, but still in the same country, my choices were not much different from my primary and secondary school outfits: plain and single colored.

    My favorite? Maybe you can guess it by now. It's blue...

    According to a book I read back then, people who like blue, are people with clear thinking and like to look at bigger picture. Not so much of detail. Just the big picture.

    I tend to agree with that idea...

    After spending time on the field, and having met people of all sorts, my mind was somewhat expand.
    The stuffs that I read also change, and that's when I got exposed to Men's Health, Men's Fitness and the like. These mag didn't talk about health and fitness only, but they talk about fashion too.

    And I learned more and more with every issue...

    My choice of sleeve also evolve along with the info I receive.

    Now, I'm not drastically change into a "fashionista" or people like that, but I change my way of matching the right sleeve patterns and colors to the kind of neck tie, pants, shoes and belts I'm wearing.

    And I also remember a lyric from a song that says,"Don't read beauty magazine. It makes you feel ugly."

    Huh! Isn't that true?...

    But I did change.

    My choice of sleeve after my third year and onward, even up until now, comes under the concept of "simple and match".

    We have few huge, build-in wardrobes in the house right now, but only one particular wardrobe, with a quarter of its space, placed my attire.

    male wardrobe

    The rest belong to my beloved ones...

    That's proof for you that I'm not so much into fashion and design, as others know it!

    My sleeve were mainly stripes with, and still, blue based color. I got a few white (quite expensive) long sleeves some times ago but I found them to be troublesome when I travel far. They can be pretty sensitive to what goes around - odors, heat, etc.

    I ditched them and replace with...right! Blue...

    Lately, my wife comes into the decision making process of purchasing my attire. Somehow, she knows that I had too much blue sleeve hanging in the wardrobe ;-)

    And she comes up with her own make over...

    Right now, the colors of sleeves hanging in the wardrobe are multiple. The one I particularly "not in favor", is the pink color sleeve - striped pink color sleeve. Maybe it's a gender thing. Who knows...
    ...but I don't fancy pink at all!

    I like songs from Pink a.k.a Alicia Moore, the artist, but not striped pink color long sleeve. It even makes me feel itchy typing these words down (huh!).

    And I got plain red, brown, green, purple color sleeve now in my collection.

    I can easily match the plain color sleeve with any of the multi-colored neck tie. I have quite a collection of them. When I wear striped sleeve, the plain neck tie follow suits.

    Like I said, I like to keep thing as simple as I can. I like to find something that's evergreen and helps me to sort my choice fast. At this stage, I focus more on action and practicality, and not so much on fancies.

    But that's just me...

    What kind of sleeve do you wear, working as medical sales rep?

    Why you dress as such?

    Do you see reason to expand or evolve?

    The right grooming can take a candidate far in an interview process, according to research, and I speculate it will also take medical reps far in their daily interaction with health care professional.

    See what other choices you have, and see if they inject some kind of change into your sales performance.


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