30 Items On The List Of Medical Sales Representative Responsibilities

Medical sales rep responsibilities list

Medical Sales Representative or Medical Rep (MSR/MRep) will be the contact person for a pharmaceutical company and its prospects or customers, that happen to be mostly those operating in the healthcare industry like doctors, pharmacists, nurses, medical lab technicians among others.

You probably have got the time to look at the previous discussion which centers around one place for you to get all the relevant information on a medical devices sales job. If you haven't, give it a quick skim to grasp the whole idea. Once you have done that, you can relate to what we're about to discuss here much better.

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Since selling involve an operation which comes in phases, MReps responsibility is to execute the action each stage requires.

For instance, they contact prospects, study prospective customers or customers needs, present the ideal products (medicines or medical devices), and some times provide after-sales service.

They are also involved in new product launches, create more product awareness and addressing concerns.

A medical sales rep is mainly responsible for:

  1. Selling and marketing pharmaceutical company's new and existing products to medical professionals
  2. Meet total sales target
  3. Build good rapport with customers
  4. Secure new business opportunities
  5. To drive business
  6. To fulfill monthly sales and collection target.
  7. Achieve store distribution target by-products
  8. Sufficient daily area coverage
  9. Provide excellent customers service
  10. Attentive to market info, and report promptly to management.
  11. To think of an innovative and effective suggestion.
  12. Effectively manage sales kit/tools.
  13. Timely submission of a report
  14. Achieve assigned sales target and fulfill other KPI (key performance index)
  15. Consistently review sales performance and close performance gap.
  16. Maintain and update the database for leads and customers
  17. Plan and execute area working schedule, while keeping open communication with reporting managers or team leaders
  18. Set appointments with healthcare providers (as previously mentioned) and arranged a follow-up call plan
  19. Build rapport and keep a healthy relationship with prospects, customers, and KOL (key opinion leader)
  20. Manage own marketing budget and area budget in running all of the programs
  21. Run presentation for continuous education program like CME (ongoing medical education) to targeted sites, e.g. Hospitals.
  22. Organize more considerable function such as Medical Conference
  23. Attend company's own meeting or events organized by other team members
  24. Keep informed of any product portfolio development, whether your own products or competitors' products.
  25. Keep close track of competitors activities.
  26. Be up to date of any development to the health care industry within their respective areas.
  27. Identify the opportunity to expand the current business.
  28. Negotiate with prospects or customers and make an effort to increase revenue
  29. Assist marketing in their activities
  30. Assist Research and Development or Clinical Liaison activities

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