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    Presentation Examples For Medical Representative

    In promoting your pharmaceutical product as a medical representative, you can't skip the process of making a presentation. In this post, you're going to explore useful tips for giving a presentation during your visits to the doctors or healthcare providers (HCPs) through some examples.
    Medical representative presentation examples

    Medical Representative Presentation Examples

    Through the examples below, you're going to look at some tips to promote your product as a medical representative through a presentation. Use them as your success guide. Find the advice that comes close to 100% working for your pharma selling situation. No two reps situations are the same. You need to do some exploring as you go along.

    Gain the doctors' interest

    Gain doctor's interest
    You have gathered the necessary information during your pharmaceutical call planning before your visit to HCPs. You have decided, based on what you have, propositions that are valuable and beneficial to them that can be delivered through your product. You can use this to gain their interest.

    For example:

    Medical Rep: I understand you're taking on a lot of new, elderly patients these days?
    Doctor: Yes. That new retirement community has brought in quite a few new people.
    Medical Rep: Ms. Receptionist was telling me that many of the new elderly patients you're seeing are mild to moderate hypertensives.
    Doctor: Yes, that's the case with many of the new patients I've seen so far.

    Open with impactful statements

    Open with impactful statement
    There are 3 components that you combine to create the first account with impact. They are:

    1. A specific need
    2. A solution
    3. A Product name

    Here's an example:

    Specific need

    Medical Rep: When treating elderly hypertensive patients, it's vital to gain effective blood pressure control with a low risk of side effects, and without affecting other medical conditions that so commonly co-exist in this group (medical treatment problem).

    The solution

    Medical Rep: An active anti-hypertensive agent with a very low incidence of side effects, and one with no contraindications would provide you with maximum flexibility and success in treating your elderly patients (product benefit).

    A Product name

    Medical Rep: Dr, Product X fits this profile exactly!

    You can also use this same example during your medical representative detailing.

    Focus on an ideal patient profile

    Focus on ideal patient's profile

    Another useful medical representative presentation tip for you is you want to focus on one, specific image of a patient when introducing a need for your doctor during your pharma sales call. In the example of Product X, the picture was 'elderly hypertensive patient.' You'll be more effective when you can focus on those ideal patients compared to if you try to recommend it for 'every hypertensive patient' the doctor sees.

    Using the examples above, you now might have an idea or two on how to promote your product as a medical representative through your presentation. Use them as your success guide and keep exploring how to make them more productive so that they'll work for you 100% of the time.

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