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    Pharmaceutical Call Planning

    Pharmaceutical call planning helps you prepare for the real sales call. You can say that it is one of the critical fundamentals of successful pharmaceutical selling and one of the key performance indicators for pharma sales force effectiveness.
    Pharmaceutical call planning

    Keys to effective call planning for pharma sales

    You often find these 5 activities that lead to your effective sales call planning in pharma sales:

    • 1) Identify the information you need before making the sales call, and identify its sources.
    • 2) Describe the concern of typical Healthcare Providers (HCPs).
    • 3) Select useful info about HCPs from the existing database and find ways to add more.
    • 4) Set specific, realistic and result-oriented objectives for the sales call.
    • 5) Develop a plan to achieve the objectives.

    Gathering relevant information

    Gathering information in pharma call planning

    There are three useful sources you can use to get info on your targeted prospects. They are:

    • Company's existing database
    • Their Workplaces
    • Their Support staffs (nurses, personal assistants, etc.)

    The question you need to ask yourself is, "What kind of information you could gain from...?"

    Describe HCPs perspective

    Perspective in pharma call planning

    When describing an HCP's perspective, you need to know his/her answer to how they see what you have or offer. It is also instrumental in understanding how you'll add value to their practice. You must realize by now how important it is to get to your customers' side and open them up to hear what you're going to present. This is a crucial factor for a call planning that delivers on brand strategy.

    Describing the general perspective

    You want to be able to describe, based on what you already know of your providers:

    • Factors that affect their time management
    • Their business concerns
    • Their Formulary concern (for Institution or Government channels)
    • Their typical patient's profiles
    • Their patient's needs
    • The role of their support staffs related to their practice and patients

    Describing individual perspective

    • For individual provider, you want to be able to see his/her:
    • A special area of interest
    • Circle of influence
    • Other interests
    • Frequent referrals
    • Affiliations

    Perspective on pre-call planning

    You can't dismiss the fact that HCPs' perspective influence selling. Your pharmaceutical sales force effectiveness that also includes call planning implementation for multiple sales forces requires you to manage your providers' perspective and, eventually, their attitude.

    Three useful areas you can look into are:

    • 1) Providers attitude towards Pharma industry and companies as a whole
    • 2) Providers experience in dealing with both
    • 3) Providers prescribing habit

    Pre-call planning for pharmaceutical selling

    Pre-call planning for pharma sales

    There are four steps for you to go through when planning a sales call. They are:

    1. Reviewing your information
    2. You set the Objective.
    3. You develop a call strategy.
    4. You rehearse ...

    So that's it. These are the most straightforward outline you can get your hands on for pharmaceutical call planning. Mind you; this is just one part of pharmaceutical selling skills, and there's a strategic "next step" you need to put in place right after this one called post-call plan. If the Pharma company you're working with uses sales automation system, your pharmaceutical sales analytics can be integrated with a few simple steps. That would be very ideal indeed.

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