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    New Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Guide Module 1: Overview


    Upon completion of a new pharmaceutical sales rep guide on selling to health care practitioner Module 1, participants will be able to:

    1. List at least 9 steps of the selling process
    2. Identify each step during practice and the actual sales call.
    3. State features and benefits of promoted products
    new pharmaceutical sales rep guide

    Let's take a look at what we'll be covering:

    • A) Steps of the Selling Process
    • B) Material Quiz

    A. Steps of the Selling Process

    A.1. Prepare to make the sales call.

    • i) Information gathering
    • ii) Call plan

    A. 2. Call opening

    A. 3. Product presentation

    • i) Benefit statements
    • ii) Adding features and benefits

    A. 4. Prove sales message

    • i) Using reprints
    • ii) Using visual aids

    A. 5. Check for buy-in

    • i) Looking at verbal and nonverbal signs
    • ii) Probing for more info
    • iii) Move to commitment

    A. 6. Handling objection

    A. 7. Gaining commitment

    A. 8. Product bridge

    A. 9. Follow up

    B. Material Quiz

    Please refer to your product brochure or detail aid, and answer these questions:

    1. What is your product prescribed for?
    2. How is it prescribed?
    3. Describe three features and related benefits for the product, e.g., Long half-life that allows once a day dose - function, so it increases patients compliance since it's easy to remember the time to take medicine - benefit.
    4. Describe how your product differs compares to competitor A
    5. Describe how it is compared to competitor B
    6. Describe how your product compares with competitor C
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