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    Improve Sales By Knowing Your Average

    Selling and sports share a common thread - it's about winning, and knowing your average helps you do that.
    I got the wrong impression when I first read the subject of this article. I thought it was about finding salespeople who are doing OK and go study them to see what keep them that way.

    But, actually, it was about the 'Math' average ...

    We're now looking at numbers (not people). Numbers, for example, that tell us how many calls we need to make a day to get one sales or better known as 'hit rate.' Or numbers that determine how many times we need to see the same prospects before they buy from us, and other figures similar to that.

    3 brief tactics, suggested in the article when you want to improve your sales:
    • closely observed the competition
    • ask for a reason why you're not chosen
    • ask for suggestion on how to do better, next time

    After these three tactics, you can look at 10 tips on how to improve your current average:
    1. be in the know of the 'average' in your industry
    2. look more in-depth on how they got those numbers
    3. decide if it makes sense, to you
    4. see whether the average can be improved
    5. check out with others and get their feedback
    6. test new ideas and track the results
    7. choose the one that works best
    8. use it for your leverage
    9. share your finding with others
    10. remember to reward your success

    Well, folks, that was the kind of average that the article refers to. Or at least, that's what I got out of it.

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