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    A Quick Look At Medical Marijuana

    Medical marijuana quick look
    Obviously, the picture is not a picture of marijuana.
    Do you what kind of 'hot' in the Medical Industry these days?

    It's Medical Marijuana ...

    If you click that, you can learn a fact or two about the subject.

    And since this blog touches on Medical Sales and Devices sales, among other sales skills, I'll probably touch just a bit on selling marijuana for medical purpose.

    First off, you need license and permits before you can get the weed out on the street.

    Then, you need proper planning on how you're going to sell it. One way to do it, which could be the most lucrative way, is to start a Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

    If you prefer to start small, on a personal level, here's how this person did it. As it says, this is LEGAL but very INCONVENIENT.

    Heck, this guy here even show you how to get rich in medical marijuana business - or you can go broke trying!

    And on the final note - don't ever try to sell it here in Malaysia because, it is not only ILLEGAL but also VERY, VERY lethal (for the seller that is).


    Reread the last paragraph. You can't sell it in Malaysia or any other country with similar legislation.

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