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    Tools That Improves Sales

    There are too many pharma companies to name that are incorporating new tools to improve sales.

    For example, iPads.

    There are obvious benefits that come like; for instance, reps can make use of their time playing Candy Crush on a larger screen than their smartphones' screen, while waiting for the customers.

    Moreover, there are obvious disadvantages too which I, who happens to be a natural skeptic, would write more about.

    "So now you'll be carrying your iPad with you to detail to customers, record calls and check emails, and who knows what else in the future," said a sales manager to his team members.

    His team was busy toying around with the new gadget, did not seem to pay attention, just like they normally do during the sales meeting.

    Moreover, a few training follow afterward on how to operate and understand the tool.

    Fast forward today...

    "I don't understand. We have the tools, the system and the implementation in place, but our bottom line does not seem to change much," complaint the sales manager.

    Sales managers would not talk about things like these with their reps, so I had to imagine that this particular sales manager was talking to me.

    "No revenue improvement ey? Do you think that the tool makes the sale?" I'd asked.

    In the end, it's human, not tools, that improve sales.

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