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    Sell More By Dividing Your Customers

    Divide customers to sell more

    We probably have heard the phrase "divide and conquer."

    The same concept applies to sell these days. It comes under the label 'segmentation.' It put people in boxes, tag them, and salespeople are taught to deal with them.

    How do you correctly deal with people?

    There's no straight answer, but segmentation gives a rough idea on how to handle people.

    Was it effective?

    It depends.

    The system is just that - a system, a way to behave in a certain way. Effectiveness is in the execution. How well one carries out the concept or idea determines the kind of result produced.

    In my humble opinion, whether you segment people or deal with them the way you can, it's you, the salespeople, that makes the difference.

    I still not fully comprehend the concept of segmentation and how to apply it swiftly in my day-to-day interaction. I probably even not crush the 'impossible barrier' (still remember that one?).

    Even if I did crush the barrier, how do I know that I'm effective? 

    I have this feeling that I can be an expert in segmentation, but the whole market dynamic can still limit my sales potential.

    Selling is only part of the solution to low sales performance. The most solution resides within the domain of marketing.

    This is my belief, and it always is. If marketing were done right, minimal selling is needed. However, as it turns out, marketing and selling is not a marriage made in heaven.

    Let it be. It works just fine despite the gap.

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