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    Quick Look At Factors Influencing Customers Behaviors

    Factors influencing customers behaviors

    To understand customers' behaviors, marketers must understand the relationship between the self of customers - concepts and possessions. Many marketers use concepts that are related to personality, such as a person's self-image (also called self-image) and their possessions and personality traits.


    There are four psychological factors that influence consumer behavior, and each one further influences a person's purchasing decisions. These four factors:




    personality traits

    ...are further influenced by the individuals "purchasing decisions", according to the study. 


    A professional image or image of a product or service can communicate a thousand words, regardless of belief system. The way a target customer perceives the world and learns about the product online or in-person can also influence behavior. 

    Ultimately, it depends on how you adapt your campaign to this knowledge base, how you understand your consumers.

    When data shows consumers visiting your website and shopping on their mobile phone, you include a mobile-specific element in your advertising to influence consumers buying behavior. Designing a campaign that uses mobile-specific elements such as mobile advertising will undoubtedly improve your promotions and inspire positive consumer behavior.

    When you make a decision about a product, you are thinking not only of your own needs but also of the needs of your customers.

    By knowing your target audience, you can make your advertising campaigns more relevant and ensure that your target customers are addressed intensively.


    Culture is defined as patterns of behavior and social relations that characterize a society and distinguish it from others.

    Culture is basically part of society, one of the external factors and an important cause of a person's desires and behavior. Culture is basically an essential part of one's personality, personality traits, and preferences. 

    A key feature that influences consumer behavior in marketing management and strongly influences customer decisions and buying behavior is culture, as cultures differ in different regions and countries, which is one of the most important factors for understanding personal desires and consumption habits. 

    Many global marketing and advertising companies have experienced this point, such as McDonald's "marketing strategy" and the success of the company's advertising campaigns. 

    Consumer purchasing behavior is strongly influenced by a variety of factors such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, education, etc.

    Some of them are very subtle and reflect different areas, including culture, subculture, and social stratum. Cultural factors are basically part of society and are an important cause of a person's desires and behavior. 

    The influence of culture on purchasing behavior varies from country to country, but marketers can analyze the impact of factors such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, education, etc.

    Cultural factors include factors that influence a person's buying behavior, positively or negatively, as well as their lifestyle. The cultural environment of a person also plays an important role, be it his family, friends, or his environment.

    Know Your Market

    It is important to have a broad knowledge of the market, and that has implications. By developing an understanding of how key features can influence consumer behavior, especially that of your target audience, your brand can gain an edge over competitors. 

    Advertising campaigns can use this knowledge to deliver successful campaigns and influence consumer behavior.

    Motivation is the driving force behind purchasing decisions, as consumers actively seek to satisfy their needs. This psychological influence affects consumers during their final purchase decision, but it is only part of the journey and not the end. 

    A number of factors influence consumer behavior and for today's consumers, there is a reason for this. Consumers today behave in a variety of ways that offer them a wide range of options in terms of brands, products, and services. 

    Let's take a look at some of the evidence below to understand what influences consumer behavior.

    You may be wondering what factors influence consumers' buying habits and how they can analyze when their buying habits change.

    Of course, only the factors that will determine whether or not a consumer's purchasing behavior will change will confirm this, but what will influence the consumer?

    Buyers' Types and Their Influence

    We look at three basic types of buyers and how they influence consumer behavior.

    At the time of the decision, the purchaser's decision to purchase depends on:

    his state of mind

    his desire for the product

    his timing.

    Some buyers are wasteful or tight-fisted, and some buyers like high-end products and high-end products, but not all.

    In Short

    There are several other factors that influence consumer buying, both social, cultural, personal, and psychological.

    It is the psychological, social, and personal factors that influence the consumer's decision - not the product itself.

    Consumer behavior is strongly influenced by three basic types of buyers, each of whom has their own personality traits and preferences. 

    The similarity between the two theories is that culture is an important element that can influence one's personality, personality traits, and preferences, as well as behavior. The difference is that one focuses on the so-called "individualism" theory, which refers to the idea that those who have the same attitude toward a particular subject or object may also have the same attitude toward it.

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