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    Sales Staff Motivation Techniques

    image showing sales staffs holding hands in unison to represent motivation
    Psychologists have proposed different ways of thinking about motivation, including considering whether motivation comes from the outside (extrinsic) or inside (intrinsic) of the individual including sales staff


    I have a real interest in psychology and wanted to gain a better understanding of this particular topic. 


    Researchers have found that both types have a positive effect on the quality of life and on their performance in a variety of tasks. 


    When we are so motivated, we say that activity is regulated externally - that is, it is triggered and sustained by an external eventuality - and that it works because we are rewarded for it. 


    It depends on the first adoption, but it requires an extrinsic motivation to be pressured to behave, think, or feel in a certain way and is not per se motivated. This corresponds to the fact that extrinsic motivations have been found to undermine intrinsic motivation


    Sales Staff Intrinsic Motivation Techniques

    Intrinsic motivation is in every possible way in opposition to external motivation, because it refers to an inner desire that drives a person's behavior. 


    Internal motivation occurs when an impulse is exerted in response to a specific situation, such as the desire for a new job, a job offer, or an opportunity. 


    External Motivation Techniques for Sales Staff

    External motivation is when we are motivated to engage in behavior or activity because we want to earn a reward or escape punishment. It is about the desire to do something for a reason, such as to earn a reward or escape punishment, or both. 


    Understanding The Differences Between the Two Motivational Types And Their Application

    The main difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is that intrinsic motivation comes from the person's inner environment, such as the other party's outer environment, whereas extrinsic motivation comes from outside and causes a person to do or not do something, whether it meets an external need or the objective requirements of other parties. 


    However, intrinsic motivation is typically to achieve a goal or to accomplish a task in a way that makes you feel fulfilled. So, it can be helpful to seek a reward when you have to do tasks that you normally find unpleasant. 


    To better understand the differences between the two motivational types and their effects to sales staffs’ performance, it will help to learn more about how each of these types works. 


    When they are extrinsically motivated, their behavior is motivated by external factors that cause them to do something to earn a reward or avoid a less pleasant outcome. 


    If they’re not naturally motivated, their behavior is not motivated by external motivation, but rather by the desire to do something for themselves, such as a skill that one is eager to learn or a goal that one is aiming for.


    If there is something that could be used to trigger intrinsic motivation, it would be intrinsic, and if there were something that could be used to trigger extrinsic motivation, it would be extrinsic. 


    It is hard to say if this is the way to develop intrinsic motivations (after all, they come from within), but if they can get themselves to work with an otherwise extrinsic form of motivation, it can motivate them and inspired others. 


    If they do a job for an external reason (such as a paycheck), they may not like it, but if they finish the job, they’ll get paid then they will enjoy it (the pay, I mean).


    The external motivation might not originate from the individual, while the internal motivation must come from within. 


    Studies have shown that external rewards, such as being rewarded externally, can reduce intrinsic motivations through a phenomenon known as the ‘Over Justification Effect’. For example, a child who is rewarded for playing with a toy in which he or she has already expressed an interest loses interest in the object. 


    If sales staffs are looking for effective ways to stay motivated and make lasting changes, they should change their focus. 


    If they want to learn how to motivate themselves to achieve their goals and get better, they want to give this article a quick read. 


    Internal motivation is the driving force behind a person thoughts and decisions regarding career, hobbies, relationships, and other activities. 


    Without an external reward, researchers have found that people are more creative, productive, and do a better job when they are internally motivated. Studies have also shown that external rewards for internally rewarding activities can make people more motivated and productive than those who do not. 


    We extrinsically define as those who come from outside and operate outside and internalize external arrangements so that external contingencies are no longer necessary for people to continue working even when the boss is not watching. 


    This is called "behavior-driven by the internalization of the external environment", not external factors such as external circumstances. 


    This kind of motivation arises from outside the sales staff as opposed to intrinsic motivation emanating from inside him or her. 


    Summary to Sales Staff Motivation Techniques

    1. There are two broad techniques to motivate sales staff namely, the internal and external.

    2. The internal or intrinsic factor comes from within the staff such as acquiring new skill.

    3. The external or extrinsic comes from outside, for example increase in pay check.

    4. Knowing the differences between the two types and to appropriately apply relevant techniques or combination of both can motivate the sales staffs to perform better.

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    1. It's Labor Day today (May 1st, 2022) and publishing this post is like a coincidence. If there's a special message I want to leave you with today is this:
      "If you're tired, rest but don't give up. You might be closer to your goal than you think. Make today's count and don't count the day. You got this."


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