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    Pharmaceutical Sales Syllabus You Can Get At The Cost Of Your Internet Connection

    pharmaceutical sales syllabusLet's face it. If you do a search at Amazon right now for the pharmaceutical sales rep syllabus, you'll get hundreds of results. Some are written by 'true' pro meaning they got their hand dirty before, but countless others are just 'hypothesizing.'

    They said talk is cheap. So better watch out for that dirty talk, printed on paper, and spice up with lots of PR and book marketing activities.

    What makes my writing any different, you asked? My answer, judge it for yourself. I'm a firm believer in 'right' action speaks louder than mere words. Savvy?

    What Will I Be Telling You From Now On?

    I've outlined my very own cocktail specifically meant for those of you who want to venture into pharmaceutical selling, and if I'm in a good mood, I might throw in 'real' and 'working', Words and 'Excel' templates that cover your daily routine (sounds boring already... routine) such as:
    • daily call planning
    • daily or monthly itinerary
    • monthly report
    • daily, weekly, monthly sales trekking
    And few more useful templates but it all depends on my mood. But to kick things off, let's take a look at the skills that you need to develop as a professional pharmaceutical salesperson.

    Overview Of The Selling Skills

    The exact steps or skills could be more or could be less than these. It could be broader or narrower. To make them simple, let's just stick to these, OK? Are you still with me?
    1. Call Homework. This step is fundamental. Many successful sales reps are fond of 'parroting ' the saying, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." And many of them actually do the opposite but still successful. Never mind. You still need to do some homework (I promise it's nothing like school time)
    2. Call Opening. Creating the impression. This step may break or make you. You'll get the best tips soon.
    3. Presentation. Well, you can read that, can't you? You'll be discovering the secrets of the pro in doing the performance. Believe me, in pharmaceutical selling, you'll be making strings of them.
    4. Justifying your statements. It's not enough to make claims, uttering facts, and figures without the ability to show that it's based on evidence. This is so simply because today's healthcare practice is evidence-based. Remind me of the ad... 'Got evidence?'
    5. Check for buy-in. Did the customers trust you? Or did you used the most famous tricks ever invented, "If you can't convince them, on them? If you can't con them, confuse them!" It's still widely applied even in today's pharmaceutical selling environment.
    6. Friction reduction. Or if you fancy, handling the objection. Every sales rep knows and fears this. You shouldn't if you keep reading.
    7. Gaining commitment. Simply put, closing. Ask for the orders. Signing the paper.
    8. Other products mentioning. Most likely, when you joined a pharmaceutical company, you'll be promoting more than one products. Unless your incentive is based only on one product, cross-selling or cross-promotion should occur naturally.
    9. Follow up. You get back to them on the unanswered question, to deliver the clinical paper as promised, to arrange for the sponsorship, etc. In my view, personally, this is the missing link between the reps who sustain and performed against the rep who make it big then disappear. Which one are you?
    So there you have it. All nine proven selling steps or skills needed to make it to the top of pharmaceutical selling game. Are you game now? One last note...

    Take one step at a time

    One skill at a time. Don't rush things over. You're not participating in the 100-meter dash. If all, this is a marathon. Save your energy and keep your focus. Channel that passion, that enthusiasm, and that drive to your biggest goal... to earn at least 90 percent of your total incentive. What happened to another 10 percent? I'll tell you why along the way but now, I invite you to join this exciting and rewarding career path.

    Welcome to Pharmaceutical Selling!

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