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    Stop Searching For Another Sales Tactics

    Stop searching for another sales tactics

    It took me a while to realize the fact that it's time for me to stop searching for other sales tactics.

    Have you ever feel the same?

    The feeling that other sales tactics would not add to the bottom line.

    I used to pride myself for having the latest, maybe the greatest, sales strategies books, and references.

    However, I seem to stop searching after I got my hand on one book: Newsell by Dr. Heewit Gleeson.

    A few books did catch my eyes whenever I happen to browse a bookstore in the big city. Moreover, the internet came about and change how I navigate and buy books, not only on the subject of selling.

    I pretty much settled down then.

    My career also introduces me to so many sales strategies and methods. None impressed me since I've seen better (if you know what I mean). However, I need to get down to details for job sake.

    This year, the company introduces yet another sales tactics. It supposes to be an upgrade, an improvement to the existing tactic.

    My take: I was hardly an expert on the previous tactic, meaning, there is still a lot to be covered. I feel like I can't do justice by passing my judgment now.

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to say the same thing to the new tactic, but it's still too early for that. Let's see how it goes.

    Lately, I often feel overwhelmed. I feel like I'm going nowhere. I feel like no amount of new tactics will bring about change to my current sales bottom line.


    Honestly, I don't see that low sales outcome is due to small quality sales tactic. I see a massive increase in the market dynamics and nothing was done to address it. Alternatively, maybe very little was done. It's not enough.

    For example, the time a medical rep can spend in front of a doctor is significantly limited nowadays. A rep gets, like, less than 3 minutes per interaction. If a sales tactic requires a rep to spend more than 5 minutes to engage or impact, it's not going to work.

    It will only frustrate the rep, and the result will be below expectation. Also, if this continues to more customers and more days, you can imagine the overall performance of that rep in the eyes of the superiors.

    It won't be beautiful and guess who will shoulder the burden?

    My point is more tactics, often time, are not the solution to the bottom line of today's sales performance. I take my feeling of overwhelm as a sign. It tells me to pause and re-look at the whole situation.

    Are you feeling the same too?

    If you are, let's take time off and perhaps, discuss it here. I see no point in engaging with something which will not produce the result I or the company want.

    It's the signs that tell me to stop searching for other sales tactics.

    I want to do that now...

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