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    New Pharmaceutical Sales Reps Guide On Selling To Health Care Practitioners


    This is it. I've finally come to the ultimate aim of building this blog: To provide new pharmaceutical sales reps a free guide on how to sell to healthcare practitioners (HCPs) of today.

    Selling to healthcare practitionersIt's going to be in the form of the blog post, free eCourse if you will, and it will be organized methodically according to modules.

    But I am a simple person, and I want to make this as simple as I can. So, I won't be asking for your e-mail address or anything; all you need to do is to bookmark this blog, and participate.

    Yup, it's going to be in a workbook format because my personal belief is, for one-minute learning, there should be one hour or more practice.

    The whole course is organized into 10 modules, initially, but I've decided to reduce it into 9 modules as follow:


    I really appreciate, for those who follow the course, to leave a comment and interact with others. It's a simple exercise of sharing experience and changing notes between us, which is made easy and free, thanks to the Internet :)

    You might also want to print this module out and keep a hard copy of it. It's up to you.

    My aim is just to bring this to you and may we benefit from my small effort.

    Follow Me On Twitter

    I'll be posting new modules release through my Twitter, which you can follow at:
    Malay Pharma Rep Twitter page

    All the best to your pharma sales career journey!


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